To The Girl In The Mirror

7:10 AM

Why are you afraid? Why are the tears of frustration filling your eyes? Dear girl, don't you know that you have nothing to fear? Why are you so worried about something that hasn't even happened yet?
God is there walking by you dear girl. He already has this planned, He's already written how well you will (or will not) do and He's going to walk every step of this journey of life with you. I know it's not easy right now, I know you're afraid you're drowning, but dear girl, with God all things are possible. It's not some. It's not a few.
Dear girl, with God all things are possible and you have nothing to fear. You are strong because of His love, and when you're too weak you can look into His eyes and know that He loves you no matter what. He will hold you up. He won't let you drown.
Remember that verse in Micah, "rejoice not over me of my enemies, when I fall I shall rise"? Repeat it with me dear girl. When you fall you shall rise.
He knows you're going to hit the floor, He knows you're going to feel like you're drowning. But in Him you have the ability to rise. Because when you fall you shall rise. You shall. There's no question mark there dear girl. So do you not see that you have nothing to fear? You shall rise out of this, this is only for a time. Soon this too shall pass.
Have you ever heard the saying, "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"? Dear girl, as cliche as it sounds, I think it's been true in my life and will continue to be. In this life you have nothing to fear, because He's only wanting to make you stronger.
And you don't have to be afraid of failing. No, dear girl, don't be afraid of failior. It's not about how many times you that does matter to God. It's about how many times you get back up.
Remember dear girl, when you fall you shall rise. He's running beside you. He's holding you. He's there.
Don't be afraid of failing. You haven't yet. And if you do, then realize you can get back up. In Jesus you're failings don't mean anything, it's how you handle them.
Dear girl, you are loved by the King. There's nothing to fear. Why are you're eyes filling with tears? Why are you fearing what hasn't even happened yet?
You're strong. You're rising. You're worth more then this fear, this listening to the devil's lies. This world may be getting darker but the Light will always conquer. Don't allow this to be your everything. Don't worry about the eyes of others. Don't worry about what they're thinking. Keep your eyes on Jesus, dear girl. He's the one holding you up. He's the one who promised no matter what to never let you go.

Hey readers,
this is a talk I've had to give "the girl in the mirror" which is myself in this case. I'm struggling with fears, fear of failing, fear of just what's happening in my life in general. I get in panic mode easily, and right now it's a time to focus on Jesus. I'll be honest though, that hasn't happened as it should. I've had one panic attack this weekend and I'm sure more to come, but I've given myself little talks, staring at myself in the mirror and coaching myself to stop fearing, to stop being paralyzed by this old world. 
I hope that this little talk I gave myself also encourages you. You will rise. No matter what you're facing, you will. 

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8 of your thoughts

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Kara. I needed to read it today! <333

    1. Aww, God does everything at the right time. I hope you're doing well - keep fighting the good fight and shining His light!

  2. I'm sorry it's hard for you at the moment. Keep holding on, and I hope things get easier for you.

    Thanks for sharing though, because I've been feeling down myself, and this was really encouraging, and the reminder I needed to get my focus back where it should be. xx

    1. Thanks so much Jessica!!!! I think they will - this is just one of those seasons where you realize God is the anchor more then ever and you have to hold on and not let go.

      I sent you an e-mail by the way last week, and I hope it got to you. <3

    2. It certainly did! I appreciated your thoughtfulness so much, and yes I will reply soon. :)

  3. that was beautifully written. sometimes writing letters to ourselves makes all the difference.

    hang in there. its okay to have fear. but never let your fear determine your amount of faith. and never let fear hold you down. be scared but do the thing anyway. trust that despite how you feel or scared you are, God is bigger than that fear.

    you got this.

    1. Yes and this was actually me first talking to myself in the mirror, giving myself a pep talk and telling myself I needed to be strong and then I converted the talk into a blog post. Honestly, it really helped....
      AND thank you soo much Faith for your beautiful encouragement - I really, really, needed that. <3

  4. Really needed this tonight. Thanks so much Kara ♥


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