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Hola readers!
I'm very excited to announce a new series going on here on Saved by Grace and because I feared it wouldn't work out, I waited until now (when I had at least two interviews) to announce it. So here we are, a series of interviews with people in unique situations, whether that be a mental illness to being able to travel the world, I'm hoping to explore it all, and interview different people from different backgrounds for you to all to meet.
I'm not looking for a certain group of people, but anyone who wishes to participate. I find that the world is ALL broken, not just some of us. And through Christ my mantra has become, "we are all beautifully broken." I love reading and seeing the stories of these beautifully broken individuals and I want my blog to become a place where you can meet a few of these people too!
The interviews are going to be done over live-messaging to give you a real-life-conversation feel, different then how I noticed a lot of bloggers do interviews. I pray you enjoy reading this first interview as much as I enjoyed doing it.
All her life Hannah has had to deal with a severe tree nut allergy and her being my cousin has allowed me to catch a glimpse of what that's like and the struggles surrounding that. I wanted others to see that too, so I bring you our interview today.

Photo Credits: Hannah's family 

Kara: How about you tell my readers a little bit about yourself?

Hannah: I like playing piano, singing, baking, riding my bike with my siblings, and playing games outside.

Kara: So you've been allergic to tree nuts all your life: What's one thing you wish people would realize about severe allergies and dangers surrounding them (particularly one like your's)?

Hannah: I wish people would realize how dangerous it is and that it's not something to be joking about or that it doesn't need to be taken seriously, because, well, it does. As a person who only has nut allergies, I don't know what the consequences would be for a person with milk allergies for example, to eat a dairy product. I do know, however, that for a person with nut allergies to eat a nut product that the outcome can be very severe. Yes, the reaction I had the first time wasn't very alarming or serious. (Mostly hives). But I just want you to know it can be. The more you expose yourself to nuts and keep having reactions, the more dangerous they can become. You could have   anaphylaxis which can cause your throat to begin closing, difficulty breathing, dizziness and only a few. I thank God then other that one time, I have not had any other reaction to nuts.

Kara: So say you do have a reaction - what would you do?

Hannah: I would have to give myself an EpiPen and call 911. It would be very scary, I'm sure.

Kara: (It can be scary for sure and certain!  Readers, I know firsthand, because my dad had a severe allergic reaction a few years ago. No one should go through that!)
Alright, so show us what it's like to have a severe nut allergy. Say you're visiting a friend or family member and staying for lunch. Walk us through what this process looks like for you as you try to stay safe.

Hannah: Well, first I would have to make sure that they knew I had peanut and tree nut allergies. Then, my mother and I would ask questions about what we would be eating. I would check the labels on everything that would be served there, and a lot of times my mom offers to bring things that way we know it is safe. Of course, we would have to trust God in all circumstances.

Kara: Yes! Totally! And speaking of trusting God, how has God used your nut allergy to bring you closer to Him?

Hannah: As some of you Chic-Fil-A lovers may know, they use HIGHLY REFINED peanut oil in their delicious, classic chicken. For the longest time my mom was still nervous that the highly refined could not actually be really refined. So, even though a friend of mine with a similar allergy ate there all the time, I didn't.
A couple years ago though, my mom finally had faith to let our family try the restaurant.  I refused. I was so wrapped up in a shell of fear that I couldn't even bring myself to try their grilled chicken which doesn't even have any sort of peanut or highly refined oil in it. I remained in the shell for a long time. Then, one day, God gave me faith to try the grilled chicken, and then about a year later, the classic. Without God, I never would have had the faith to trust and believe that I didn't have to be wrapped up in my shell anymore. Now I know that no matter what, God is in control, and if I ever have a serious reaction, He is in this and won't leave my side. If fear is ever in me now about knowing things are safe but I refuse to eat it, then I remember that God is always with me and that I never have to be afraid.

Kara: WOW! I love that! Thanks for being so honest! So it's been a long process of trusting, not just something that happened overnight, right?

Hannah: Yes.

Kara: So how do you think the world can be more sensitive to people with an allergy like your's?

Hannah: I could say "wipe out nuts completely" but I don't think we should do that! For one, public places should probably not serve nuts or nutted items, such [at] theaters, ball games, etc. I understand that some 'made in factory with peanuts and tree nuts' items may be served, but for the sensitive people who simply cannot be around nuts, well, then the only safe choice is to avoid the setting completely!

A picture from last summer. Hannah is on the far left and I have my arm around her. Photo credits: My brother, Josiah

Kara: Alright, transitioning to some fun stuff: What's one of your biggest dreams for the future? What do you see yourself doing in safe ten years?

Hannah: When I'm older, I really have a lot of things that I'd like to do in mind! I would like to be a published author, married with some kids, and maybe after I graduate from High School work at Chic-Fil-A.

Kara: What stories do you like to write?

Hannah: Maybe some Christian fantasy and romance.

Kara: Oh cool! So speaking of writing and words, what's the best Christian book you've read

Hannah: Well, I haven't really read very many recently that I could call the "best." However, right after Christmas, I read "Sandy Toes" by Robin Jones Gunn. Her books are by far the best!

Kara: They are! I love them so much! So who's your biggest role model as a follower of Christ?

Hannah: Well, I don't really have any big role models. However, I do want to always live for Jesus and never deny Him. So I guess my role models are the people who did just that.

Kara: Thank so much for doing this interview with me Hannah! I can't wait to have everyone read your answers!

Hannah: Thank you for asking me! You are very welcome!

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  1. So glad you're doing this, Kara!! Loved the interview!!!

  2. Hannah, you are very beautiful! I thoroughly enjoyed this post and interview. I think that most of us don't realize just how serious allergies can be and it's definitely something that we could all be a little more aware of.

    -T. x

    1. Thank you very much!!! Yes, these allergies can be very serious and I am glad you enjoyed the post. Have a blessed day!!

    2. I'm so glad you are trusting God in every circumstance that God sets before you-not just allergies but even little things in life. God bless you, Hannah!!:)

  3. What a great idea for a series! I enjoyed reading this, and understanding more about what it's like to live with allergies. There are certain foods I try to avoid, but I don't have allergic reactions, so I imagine that's a lot more scary! You're so inspiring though, Hannah, taking this in your stride and using it as an opportunity to develop trust in God.


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