Kara's Confessions #6 |I Touch Very Slightly On Insecurity and As Well As the Oldies|

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Hola readers!
It's time for another Kara's Confessions - feel free to comment and share how we're similar. I'd love to know what you think and how we're similar!

  • I use to have mainly guy friends until about the age of twelve and I played foot ball, rode a four wheeler with one of my guy friends, etc, and now I have only girl friends and no God-lovin' men are in my life sadly. I love having girls to relate to but sometimes I do miss the guy times... 

  • Having guy friends at a young age made me wish I was a boy and I became a little tomboy. I was highly insecure at this time and thought God had made my gender wrong. I struggled for about a year in my own little shell. My parents said I was their 'trouble child' and it's so true. I had a really mess up mind and that insecurity has carried into my young adult years and what people told me or what I thought at a young age is hard to get rid of now. I kinda have another confession like this at the end of this post and it explains this a little more. 

  • I have a thing for trucks - old trucks mainly - but trucks in general. This is me showing you the country girl in my heart and in how I live. I love riding in the back of a truck, I love vintage trucks, I love watching old movies just because it means seeing old vehicles.

  • And speaking of oldies - I love old movies in black and white and I LOVE LOVE 40s and 50s TV shows and movies. I adored watching It's a Wonderful Life (even if I only saw half of it so far), when I was younger I was a fan of Shirley Temple and Daniel Boone, and now I'm a major I Love Lucy fanatic, The Andy Griffith Show, and I'm still on the hunt for other good black and white watches. I really do love the 40s best of all though - the hair styles, dresses - everything.

It didn't look as dignified when Andy did it...but anywho....

And am I the only one who thinks smoking looks so dignified in the old black and white shows with the men in suits and being all dapper? I know smoking is terrible, a bad habit, and just overall bad for your health, but I can't help but think a man in a suit in black and white from the 40s makes it look a little more dignified. 

But then suits and guys in black and white movies always looks super dapper and dignified. I just love oldies in general and how the guys dress too. If only I could go back in time....

  • One of my first fictional crushes was on Adam from Bonanza 

    This is just too cute not to post 
  • And since we're on the topic of oldies and I mentioned I Love Lucy...I may or may not have made my red rain boots into I Love Lucy boots with hearts and the whole deal...this is not only an embarrassing confession since I'm usually am far from girly girl - I use to hate wearing anything with hearts and lips on it....these things never go into public haha.

  • I'm going to dye half my hair red sometime this summer possibly...I may post pictures (and no, this has nothing to do with Lucy)

  • I use to pretend that I was a the star of my own reality TV show. I'd talk to my fans, practice bowing, and pretty much tried to do really dumb things to get laughs from my fake audience. I was only about eight at the time though so this doesn't embarrass me to admit.

  • I also had "fake children" when I was about five. No one could see them but me and they were named and everything.
  • And on one random but deeper confession, I'm very insecure with who I am. I second guess everything I say, I hate posting pictures of myself on social media - I'm just insecure in general and God has really been throwing me out of comfort zone of late. I think this is to test me in my insecurity and to see how close to Him I will become...or will I continue to live in fear? It's been a long road out of this insecurity and I'm still fighting it.

Do any of you, readers, struggle with insecurity? I'd love to connect with you - I'd love to talk to you and be there for you. If you'd love to chat about our struggles with insecurity then please feel free to e-mail me @ youaresavedbygrace@gmail.com because I'd love to chat with you!

And don't forget to vote on my sidebar's poll - it's a random idea I had for a week this summer and I'd love to know what each of you think!
Have a blessed week readers! 

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7 of your thoughts

  1. I used to have mostly guy friends too! Now most of my friends are girls, but there are a few great guys I can hang around with too. Also, my mom loves "I Love Lucy," and it's fun to watch it with her. Also, I might email you. :)


    1. Ah, yay you relate. Do you miss having lots of guy friends?
      And yes, please e-mail me - I'd love to chat! <3

    2. Yeah, I do miss it. It's interesting because at the time being friends with guys was, like, half the effort and drama (if not less) than being friends with girls. ("Effort" as in trying to make and sustain a friendship and not feel like you're messing it up all the time. I know friendships need effort; just saying it's nice when you don't feel like you're required to spend way more time and energy than you feel like you are up to). Now it's the girls that are easier to chat with and just spend time with :)

    3. Oh yes I know what you mean - it's funny how life changes! I'm now working with ALL guys on my job minus the one girl over me who's currently on vacation BUT still, suddenly I feel very awkward as friendship with guys isn't as easy as it once was and I'm struggling to understand men haha.

  2. Oh insecurities! I feel like I have so many too, and I try not to let them affect me, but then I that's an insecurity too. I'm coming to realize God is the only One who doesn't have any insecurity.

    I'm sorry you don't have the godly guy company you used to. While a lot of girls are told 'don't be too friendly with guys' you know, I think there should be a balance. It's healthy to have some guys friends. Anyway, that's some of my thoughts. :) And wow, what prompted you to dye your hair red?

    You know, thanks for being open and honest in this post. I know you are every other time too, but sharing this kind of stuff is being vulnerable, and that's what brings people together. xx

    1. Haha, thank you and about the red hair - I honestly don't know. It's probably partly because dying your hair is so trendy right now in the US and partly because I feel it would bring me very much out of my comfort zone. I think God's trying to let me know that it doesn't matter what people think as long as my eyes are on Him, and dyeing even a little bit of my hair red is a a pretty drastic step for me in a possible good, if that even makes sense.

  3. I love reading these posts and seeing our similarities. :)

    YES, the oldies are so brilliant! The clothing is perfectly dapper and dignified. I once saw a picture of men gardening in suits, bow ties, and fedoras, and I thought "Oh wow, where has our class gone nowadays"? ;) You need to finish "It's a Wonderful Life!"

    When I was younger, I pretended like I was on reality/how-to type shows, too. And similar to your fake children, I had a whole slew of invisible friends who did everything with me. :D


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