Dunkirk 2017 Review [Intense. Beautiful.]

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Hola readers!
I've not done a movie review in quite some time, and what a better time then for the movie that's been on my summer watchlist radar since a friend told me about it months ago? And what I find slightly amusing is the fact that this movie is not only on my radar but also on the radar for many teenage girls who are simply watching it because of Harry Styles. If they're not used to war-time movies then they're in for quite a surprise.

In May 1940, Germany took over France, trapping soldiers on Dunkirk beach. Under ground and air cover from British and French forces, soldiers were slowly being evacuated...but not fast enough.

The movie begins in suspense and ends with it. If you're looking for a slow summer watch, then Dunkirk isn't for you. If you're looking for romance you're in the wrong place. You've only found what you're looking for you if you're looking for a war film filled with wide-sweeping shots of a gorgeous beach littered with men both dead and alive, fighting for their lives, of heroic moments, and of high tension.
We get to see how Dunkirk was fought from air, land, and sea, getting to know certain characters from each category. Don't expect to become too emotionally attached to the characters either but I think that's exactly what the director and script was going for.
This is a war film about war times and it's done wonderfully. In the theater you literally hear the bombs and planes screaming in your ears. Your heart pounds as helpless men are shot down from the air with no cover except to lie on the beach and wait for death.
You get a feel for what our troops went through during the second world war and you appreciate the inspiring, beautiful, sometimes unexpected moments that manage their way through the turmoil. One thing I appreciated was the focus on the men, their emotional struggles, their facial expressions, instead of blood and gore. And while apparently there's language in the film it's heard very little above noise of the planes.
And not only do we get beautiful shots of a beach but we get a wonderful music score that takes you right along with the action. I had to listen to it afterwards on youtube just to get a listen to what I couldn't concentrate on earlier.
To sum my review up, I highly recommend this movie for anyone regardless if you're a fan of war-time movies or not. It's a piece of history we all need to know about, to see what our brave men endure every day for our country and what they did endure in the 1940s. It's a chance to see heroism in it's truest form and what self-sacrifice and putting others above yourself actually means.

Among all the DC Comics, Marvel and Pirates of the Caribbean hum this summer, Dunkirk was a refreshing look at real-life without going over the top. And the ending shots hit me in the gut most of all as we saw true brother-hood. Something I highly appreciated...and after walking out of the theater there was something I appreciated much much more -   the understanding of what men went through during that terrible war. That's something we need to all understand and respect.
A must-watch!

Parental-stuff: This movie is rated PG-13 for violence and language but the language is minimal while still present. I heard several uses of sh*t as well as d**n and h*ll. The violence is less of gore but bombs, men getting shot, the screams of terrified soldiers, etc. There's no nudity or sex. 

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  1. GAHHH YES! I watched this with my dad last week at the theatre and we both loved it sooo much! I am a big fan of war time movies and I love learning about WW2. SUCH A GREAT EMOTIONAL MOVIE!!!!! It really took me into the lives of the soldiers which I loved, because a lot of movies don't have that quality.

    1. I am a big fan too which has made me a bit excited for NBC's new TV show which I think is called "The Brave."
      And I agree: The reason I loved Dunkirk was so we could understand the soldiers and see what they went through. The movie made me respect our brave men and women so much - not that I didn't before but this definitely made me understand on a deeper level.

  2. I've heard a lot of good things about Dunkirk on Twitter, and I always love reading/learning more about World War II stuff, so it sounds like a movie I'll enjoy (??? maybe not exactly the right word). Thanks for the review!

    1. I think you'll like it then if you enjoy learning about world war two! It really is beautiful movie!

  3. I keep hearing about this! I should probably watch it someday... My biggest reason for procrastinating so far is that I'm slightly claustrophobic. Even watching the trailer was a bit hard for me at different points, and knots were definitely growing in my stomach. I'm definitely planning on watching it, but only when I absolutely decide I have to fight that fear.


    1. Yes the movie is by-far one of the most tense movies I've set through in theaters - not counting any of the Hobbit movies. This one was just so hard because you know what they went through is so real.
      I think you'll like it though - just take the time to pray beforehand for sure! <3


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