The Two Of Us Review [Sweet, Beautiful, Inspiring, Realistic, Romance]

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I promise, this is the last review I'll be doing for awhile - my last book to be reviewed until around October 24th, so you'll get a nice month long break.

Mia is through with dating and the heart-ache it brings. She just wants to focus simply on God and joining an international mission and serve as a nurse over seas with God as her guide. But when her 18 year old sister, Lucy, becomes pregnant and unexpectedly calls Mia with an wedding invitation to Las Vagas, Mia is mad and ready to stop Lucy from ruining her life.
When she arrives, she expects a mess but instead she meets Jake Tanner, a man still inwardly and outwardly damaged from injuries he sustained as police officer. She finds they have opposite views about Lucy's upcoming marriage and opposite views about life, but as their lives collide through Lucy and her fiance's marriage, will Mia find the courage to say yes to love?

If there's a police officer in the book you can bet anything I'll want to read it. This one blew me away and I feel it's very close to perfection: The characters, the plot, the inspiration. Nothing is cheesy, everything holds realism, sweet simplicity and beauty as Jack struggles with his past as a police officer and Mia struggles to find out where she belongs. Jack is damaged and I love that we get to see and experience his struggles as well as see as how God sustains him.
Sometimes Christianity can come across as cheesy in a romance novel or it's barely there. I really liked how The Two Of Us combines real-life such as Jack's mom with Alzheimer's, his own inner struggles, Mia's sister becoming pregnant out of wed-lock and learning to trust God, and then Mia deciding whether moving overseas is something God is calling her to do or she's simply trying to fill the hole in her heart.
I really related to the characters and laughed, cried, and felt inspired right along with them.
Highly recommend!  

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