Two Reviews On Two Books That Bring Hope To The Broken

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Does God still speak? If so, how can we hear him---and understand what he's saying---over the noise of everyday life? Through clear biblical teaching and vivid storytelling, Batterson explores seven key languages God uses. Discover how to tune into, turn up, and follow his voice as you seek his guidance in big and small decisions. 
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Mark Battersn has always been one of my favorite inspirational authors next to Kyle Idleman, and not only is Whisper inspiring, but it shows readers that they're not alone in their struggles to discern God's voice. While my favorite of Mark Batterson's books are ones such as All In, Whisper brought a peace to my (of late) unsettled soul. I struggle with hearing God, but I loved hearing the struggles of others and how the author takes time in silence and continual prayer to really draw near to the heavenly Father. Step by step, we're taken on a journey of seeing God in not only the joy but the pain, and how He uses every circumstance in our lives to speak and whisper - if we only take the time to listen.

As a teenager Katie moved to Uganda, founded a successful humanitarian organization, became a mother through adoption and served where God called her. However, after an unexpected tragedy rocked her family, she felt the first stirrings of doubt in God's goodness. Yet in her doubts, Katie continued to turn to God. Here, she shares what she learned during that time and offers encouragement to readers to seek God even in those unexpected painful places. It's there that you can hear God's whisper of love, His filling of peace, and surprising gifts of joy.
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Reading this book was a blessing (and bonus!) it was well-written! Katie gives us a raw but also authentic view of her life in Africa, showing us how God works in the midst of pain. This book reads almost like a memoir - and an encouraging one at that. She doesn't try to hide her struggles but openly confesses that she wouldn't be able to continue her without God's unconditional love. This book will be a HUGE encouragement to anyone struggling with the loss of a loved one or for any of us who have experienced a type of darkness in their life. I felt I was really able to connect with Katie on her journey and her love for Christ is apparent in everything she does.

Thank you to Multnomah for these complimentary free books in exchange for a review - they were amazing!

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  1. The book about hearing God's voice sounds intriguing! Sometimes I wonder about how I can better discern His voice. I find that I hear Him most when I take time to unplug, read my Bible and pray. He also speaks to me through music! :)


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