Kara's Confessions #8 [I'm Not a Wimp...Most Of The Time]

6:39 AM

Hey readers!
WOW it's been awhile since I've tried to do another confessions session. I love doing them and apparently you seem to read them, so after long break (the series of posts have gotten quite a few views vs. some other posts), so I thought they should return.

1. I value authenticity. It's why I listen to the music that I do, watch the TV shows that I do. I like the emotions to be true, for honesty to ring, for people to be real. It's why I love the show Sherlock as well as the music group Switchfoot. To me, they are both extremely authentic when it comes to life and emotions and realism. When we decide to strip down the layers and be real, it's one of the most beautiful things.

2. I can start 15 projects at once. I will make a commitment without even thinking it through and then realize, "wait, what? Didn't I tell so-and-so I'd do that for them? What am I doing committing to something else?!"

3. I like to act tough but when I get sick I act like I'm going to die

4. I will scream if I see a spider. I am not lying.

5. I'm highly judgmental when it comes to my own writing

6.  I will randomly come out and say a thought out loud without meaning to. So I could be sitting there and just randomly will say, "I loved the end of Star Wars when Yoda and Obi Wan and Anakin were all together again!" And my family will be like, "well, that was random."

7. One minute I will listen to hard rock and then the next you'll find me listening to Don't Cry For Me from Cobi or something from Future of Forestry. I know, I'm weird.

8. My top movies to watch this fall are all black and while films.

9. I've joined the red lipstick band wagon - if there is one? I just love it!

10. I just found out that a book I read months and months ago that I was supposed to review (and I thought I did), hasn't been reviewed. *Major face palm*

10. Oh look, I wanted to do #10 twice! I like to repeat myself a lot too (whether I do it on purpose on not)...something my sunday school students remind me of....

11. Now up to this point I think my confessions are making me sound like a girly-girl haha. I just destroyed my tough-girl image with my lipstick, spider fearing, confessions. ;) BUTTT I really enjoyed the Star Wars movies, I recently borrowed American Sniper (a true book) and if you can wade past the rated R profanity, it's eye opening. I rarely wear make up unless I'm going to church, I own one dress, I prefer camo over any pattern, I can't bake a good cake, I love black and white photography and my favorite work-out is boxing.

Do you relate to any of my confessions? Let's chat!

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