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I'm a horrible human - one of my favorite summer suspense books I FORGOT to review! It's been months and I randomly find out that, yes readers, I forgot to review it. *Major face palm* Let's begin shall we....

An unsolved case. A tempest of memories. The future’s at stake—and time is running out . . .
Gwen Marcey has done a good job keeping the pain of her past boxed up. But as she investigates the case of a missing child in Lapwai, Idaho, details keep surfacing that are eerily similar to her childhood traumas. She doesn’t believe in coincidences. So what’s going on here?
No one knows more about the impact of the past than the Nez Perce people of Lapwai. Gwen finds herself an unwelcome visitor to some, making her investigation even more difficult. The questions keep piling up, but answers are slow in coming—and the clock is ticking for a missing little girl. Meanwhile, Gwen’s ex-husband is threatening to take sole custody of their daughter.
As Gwen’s past and present collide, she’s in a desperate race for the truth. Because only truth will ensure she still has a future.
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I remember this book well because I enjoyed it, honestly. Carrie Stuart Parks brings a sort of Sherlock to her character Gwen. Gwen not only talks in her mind but makes deductions and solves crime - what better character can you have? If you know me then you know I lap up anything that even resembles the famous detective and this one does that and it's done beautifully. 
It's a witty, uniquely plotted, suspenseful piece of fiction. I love how this time we get to learn about the Nez Perce as well as (once again) get an inside look at an crime-solving-artistic-genius. Gwen's older then me - with a teenage daughter - so I know that may make younger readers feel turned off, but I could still feel the main character's pain as she struggle with her own internal issues and fears. The age difference did not stop me in the least from enjoying this highly recommended Christian fiction read! 

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