Story Snippets #2

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Hola readers!

Recently I've shared on instagram updates on my hope-to-publish journey, as well as pictures, once in a while a quote, and just stuff related to my manuscript, The Broken Prince.

Enjoy my latest, Story Snippets!

Milosh is probably my favorite character I've created and I tried to have him resemble a little bit of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast and Mr. Rochester's unpredictability. He's broken but he only wants to act tough, to pretend that everything's OK.  And apparently he looks like Mordred...

I chose this picture from Pinterest for Milosh before I even knew what the BBC show Merlin was, but then after I watched the show I couldn't look at Milosh the same way. So I chose this picture instead...

Much better.

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Among trying to allow people a peek into The Broken Prince, I've also started a facebook page here. These steps are small but in a way huge, because it's showing people I really am serious about this. It's also scary and fun all at once, and I'd love for you to follow me on this crazy journey!

Have a lovely weekend, readers.

Do you recognize any of the songs from my music playlist? If you write, how do you market your writing? I'd love advice!

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  1. The Broken Prince sounds like it is going to be AWESOME. I'll check out your Facebook page too!


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