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8:13 AM

Hola readers!

Today I'm having a giveaway and I'm super excited since I haven't had one in ages. But I'm also excited because I've reached one hundred readers and beyond and I just feel so incredibly blessed.

So blessed.

This is just a small thank-you...and those comments you all left on my instagram and here on the blog...
Readers, I had tears in my eyes as I read over all your sweet words. Writing means a lot to me as does this blog, and I've poured my heart into it.
You are all so amazing, so loved, by the Father and by me. Here's a little giveaway so I can express my thanks


You. Are. Loved.

So much.

My littlest sister is giving away two of these mini clay ornaments that she hand made as well as painted. Aren't they adorable? That is prize #1.

Prize #2 is my inspiration cards that I made and laminated. They have typed sayings such as, "Beautifully Broken," "every breath is a second chance," "You. Are. Loved," and others. I want to use these to spread a little inspiration, and I think I'll make extras for myself to put in library books and letters to pen pals.
They're the size of small bookmarks so they can be used for that too and I thought it could be something you could keep or give away yourself.
Also, the winner of prize #2 get's a small surprise from my sister Korin, so that should be pretty cool!

To Enter:

1. Comment below with something random. I'd love to hear about yourself! What's the last movie you watched? Your favorite childhood book? A fictional character you'd love to have as a best friend? The last text message you sent? Your current favorite worship song? Let's chat!

2. And also, I'd love to be in prayer for you! How can I be? What is something you'd like me to pray for? I'm always here for you and consider each of you a friend as well as someone I'd love to be a prayer warrior for.

Each one is worth one point and please add a way I can contact you, either your e-mail, blog address, facebook link, etc. <3

Oh, this giveaway is international for prize number two and in the states only for prize number one.  Everything ends November 19th and the winners will be announced the following day. Good luck and God bless!

And again: Thank you.

Much love,

Kara Lynn

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18 of your thoughts

  1. Favourite childhood book is definitely Little House on the Prairie! (technically a series ��)
    I got SO excited when I learned they were also movies!!
    A prayer request would definitely be strength to finish this school thing ����

    1. Ohh Little House is amazing and I loved the show and books as I child! Albert was actually my first fictional crush...haha

      I'll be praying for you - school is tough, I know, I was in college for a few months before I had to drop out and it was only through the strength of God I made good grades. Keep striving on!

      By the way - I just added this to my post - but if you win, where can I contact you? Do you have a blog url, e-mail, FB link or something?

  2. My favorite childhood book series was The Chronicle of Narnia. It's still one of my favorite series!

    Your blog is an inspiration to me, Kara! =)

    -Madeline Joy

    1. Narnina changed my life honestly and was the reason I chose fantasy. Do you enjoy the movies? Which is your favorite book?

      Thank you so much for your kind words!

    2. I really like the movies, especially the first two! I'm not sure I can pick a favorite book though... I love each of them for different reasons. Prince Caspian, Edmund, and Lucy are my favorite characters though. =)

    3. I loved Prince Caspian! He was my favorite in both the books and movies. My favorite book was Prince Caspian or The Silver Chair and it just killed me that Caspian died in the latter! I remember I was sad for a whole day after reading it haha.

  3. Aww, we love you too, Kara!

    The last text message I sent was: "Potassium?"
    It was a joke because my friend texted me "K". XD

    A prayer requested would be for my family since we might be adopting four kids in a few months or less.

    1. OH MY WORD that is so exciting! I have a huge heart for adoption and my dream is to foster and adopt kids once I turn 21. I'd love to hear about it! If you'd ever like to chat, feel free to e-mail me. That may sound odd and I know adoption stories aren't always easy, so if not don't give it a second thought, but I love the idea of adoption - especially since we were adopted into God's family.
      You and your family will be in my prayers. <3

      Love you too,

  4. Ohhhh Kara, those things are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! <3 How sweet!!!
    Welllll, let's just say I'm super random myself, I want to be a midwife in Africa one day, I want to make a difference in the world, love Chinese food, adore babies, and just altogether am very passionate about people. All people. No matter how different they are, I feel like connection is every humans desire and they all deserve that.
    You could pray for my family- please!! We're just in a really tough spot, with money, the house, church and everything. Just kinda telling ourselves that "We'll make it" everyday. Thanks for being so...sweet! I'd love to get to know you better! <3 <3 My email is: and my G+ is just: Paige Lavay. I also have a crochet blog and I'd love it if you followed it!! ( (thank you for following my regular blog!!!) You've encouraged me so much already in the short time I've 'known' you! <3

    1. I'm passionate about people too - especially those seen as outcasts or different. I realized that when I worked for a few months with kids in my community and I connected best with those the rest of my coworkers didn't want to hang out with.

      I'll be praying for you for sure! My family has been in those tough spots so much throughout my life and I know what it's like to just have to make it through each day, taking it one at a time.
      I'd love to connect too! You seem very sweet and I think we're very similar. Thank you for following along on my corner of the world. <3

  5. Congratulations again on over one hundred readers! I'm happy for you - you have so much wisdom and inspiration to share here.

    Ooh, I like those inspiration cards, and especially the idea of leaving them in library books or other places for people to find them. :) That's a great idea!

    Something random: I found a bird's nest with three eggs in it today, while I was out taking some photos. The eggs were perfect and had brown and gray confetti-like 'spots' on them. I've never seen any like them before. I hope we get to watch them hatch and the babies grow up!

    You are so sweet for asking how you can pray - and honestly it makes me ask why I don't ask that more often. Prayer is powerful, and it's so amazing to know someone's praying for you. Anyway, if you would like to, you can pray about how I should spend my time over the end-of-year holidays. I appreciate it so much! xx

    1. Hey Jessica!
      Is it spring there right now? I just realized that when you were talking about birds and eggs and here right now we've had our first frost and the birds are all flying away.

      I will be praying! Did you get my letter yet - I found my international steps and had to write a little note! =)

    2. Yes, it's spring! Although the weather seems to be protesting and it's still a little too cold for my liking. :( But it'll come. :) It's funny to think you're the opposite over there.

      Thank you! I appreciate it a lot. :) And no - you sent me a letter?! (I was going to send you one first, haha.) Wow, I'm definitely looking forward to it. :) It can take a couple of weeks to get over here.

  6. I love candy corn.
    Pray for our nation.

  7. My favorite fictional character I would love to have as a best friend is Christy or Katie from the Christy Miller books.
    Maybe a prayer request for ability to finish up the school in time for summer break.

    God bless!!

  8. My favorite worship song is "Press On" by Mandisa. It encourages me to press on even when life is tough.
    A prayer request would be for my family and I to get out of debt financially.:)
    You can contact me at my email address.
    Thanks! God Bless you, Kara!!!

  9. Oh, I forgot to mention, you can contact me at my email address. :)

  10. Something random... hmmmm... I'm learning to crochet. It's something I've wanted to do for a while, and I finally just started. So far, I'm quite enjoying it. ;)

    My prayer request is that I'll be able to focus on the most important things; something I've been struggling with a bit lately. :) Thank you so much for being a prayer warrior. You really make a difference!! ♥
    Blessings to you, dear friend.
    Love, S. F.


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