Blessed are the Misfits [by-far a top fave of 2017]

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Blessed are the Misfits  from Brant Hansen
Publishing date: 2017  

Hola readers!

I've been pumped to share with you one of my top favorite books of 2017 and one I highly recommend you check it out. *Major drum-roll*

Note: If you are comfortable with today's culture, with today's modern church; if you're completely comfortable with the skin you're in and have never had an awkward moment, then do not read any further.
Brant Hansen, fellow misfit, popular author and radio host, brings good news as he strives to answer the questions of all those who feel they don't belong, for all those who've ever wondered why they don't feel God's presence, wonder if their prayers are good enough, and wonder if the reason they're depressed is because they've failed spiritually.

 I was very excited to read this book for many reasons, one being that Brant Hansen was one of my favorite DJ's as a young teen. He came on the radio right around the time I was studying Algebra, so he was my math partner in early High School, I guess you could say. I always loved his open-honesty, his humor and the fact that he doesn't care what other's think.
This book blew me away as one of the best books for anyone who's ever struggled with anything that's threatened to pull them under, even just a little. I've struggled with feeling depressed and out of place all my life, with not 'feeling' God. The modern church tends to focus a lot of feelings, which Brant Hansen points out in Blessed are the Misfits, is nothing like the Christian walk is supposed to be.
Our relationship with Christ goes beyond feelings, which are fleeting, and that depression or anxiety is not always a result of failior on our part. Brant Hansen also addresses topics such as feeling out of place, struggling to pray, reading your Bible for long periods of time, and why maybe we're not comfortable in church.
And not only does he address these topics - they are ones he himself has struggled with, and with this book, he shines the light that we're not alone, that as misfits we are blessed, and that it's OK to feel out of place and awkward and weird and say random, out of the box things.
I was highly encouraged, this book coming into my life just when I needed it to. It's just so perfect for someone struggling, and for the encouragement that it's going to be OK.

A favorite for this year and one you should definitely buy for your own shelf - one that perhaps may become your favorite of 2018?

Thank you to BookLook for this amazing book. I appreciate the chance to do this review!

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  1. Ah, it sounds so good! I have to look at reading this sometime in 2018. Thanks for the review and recommendation! :)

    1. Hey Jessica! Yes, do tell me how you like it. As always, I love hearing your opinions. <3

  2. This book sounds amazing. Thanks for all of the reviews you do on here! I'll have to see if I can find this book and read it... yet another book in the ever growing "to read" pile... but then you don't know anything about that, do you? ;D Ah, the joys of being a reader.

    1. This book is amazing - I think you'd love it as much as I did! If you find it, be sure and tell me!

      And OHH yes I do - we readers must keep up a good supply, mustn't we? ;)

    2. Certainly! If we didn't have a list of books we'd like to read in the future of possibilities and continue to add onto it, what would be the fun of it all? :)


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