The Last Jedi Movie Review [bringing back what was lost]

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The Last Jedi.

In The Force Awakens, we last left Kylo running from the woods having just battled Rey after he destroyed his father. His one goal now is to rise to power like his grandfather Darth Vader and rule the galaxy. He heads a full on assault to destroy his mother Leia and her band of rebels.
Meanwhile Rey travels to find Luke Skyewalker to help her bring peace one more and to find the answers to her own troubled feelings. However, Luke has hidden himself away, full of regret about the past and wants nothing to do with the her and her wish to bring back the Jedi ways.

I went into this movie a little wary of what was to come. I first got into the fandom this past spring and fell in love with Han Solo and the sarcasm and humor he brought to the  1970s. Also I adored the cheesiness and just the plain ol' space fun.
Sadly I felt that was lost a little bit in Rogue One but disappeared completely in The Force Awakens. Technically The Force Awakens was just a reboot of the original movies, from the recreation of the Death Star, to Darth Vader to the First Order and Leia heading the rebellion. A little humor still held, but we were left with underdeveloped characters and the oddly timed death of Han...I was left feeling that this remake of Star Wars was a pointless money maker and terribly close to the originals...but was this the maker's plan all along?
The Last Jedi takes some unexpected turns, leaving questions we thought would be answered still unanswered. But all the untimely stuff that happens in The Force Awakens? That all seemed to be leading up to a deeper plot in this new movie.
Kylo continues to feel deep regret in the very beginning for what he did to his father, and throughout the course of the movie we see a much deeper villain then the shallow one before. I love the connection he and Rey feel for each other and the glimpse of second-chances. The writers did an incredible job bringing back a new villain with as much depth as Kylo's grandfather! I began to finally root and feel for him as I did for Vader after seeing the 1990s movies.
Kylo also begins to realize that there can be no recreation of Darth Vader, that nothing can happen the same way twice - a nod that this new trilogy isn't supposed to be a reboot of the originals?

And in the first movie I continually wanted to remind everyone that Vader changed in the end of the first Star Wars trilogy. However we do get reminded of this here (which I love!).

Poe is a very slight rendition of Han - key word: very slight. So slight in fact that it does nothing to sway you from his sarcasm or humor, instead allowing you to enjoy the character and see the very reason why Leia seems to feel a motherly affection towards him.
To Note: The New Age aspects still still exists in the background as it has for all the other movies, but because of this being in a galaxy far, far away, I find that it will not be a stumbling block to anyone who watches the the many movies - and especially this one. Instead, the messages of hope, rebelling against darkness, second chances, and forgiveness, rings true in this new hit.
Overall the ending will still leave you with unanswered questions - questions that we were all wondering ever since watching The Force Awakens, but one thing does get resolved: the old nostalgia, the breathtaking shots, and heart-pounding music still rings tried and true, giving us the old fun from the 1970s and 80s. I know die hard fans were wanting not a reboot of the old trio, but the fulfillment of a new saga with the same cheesiness, bad shooting storms troopers and space fun.  We get that and more, giving us a brighter look at the horizon and next movie.

Note: The movie is rated PG-13 for space action and violence. There was also several mild profanities and one odd scene where the main characters quickly run by an alien who's dress barely covers her chest.

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  1. I absolutely loved this review as it basically just described all of my thoughts but in this beautiful professional reviewer type way. Does that mean any sense??? Anyway translation I loved this review and the movie. :)

    1. Haha, yes you make perfect sens - thank you! =) And it WAS a very good movie, wasn't it? Wasn't the connection between Kylo and Rey fabulous?!


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