The Melody of the Soul (book review)

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It's 1943 and Anna, a Jew and resident of Prague, finds herself losing everything to the Germans. Almost all her family has been deported and liquidated, and the music she's always loved, has been stolen from both her heart and home. 
Now Anna is left to take care of her grandmother, but that goal is threatened when a German soldier moves in to live in the flat with her. The officer learns that she can play the violin and is soothed by the music she plays, despite the law against it. 
As the two spend evenings together, the soldier promises to protect her no matter the cost...but Anna cannot help but wonder just how far he'd go. 

I was a little wary of the book because I'd never heard of the author and I normally read books I'm at least a little familiar with. However, the plot of this book is fantastic, brilliant, and all those other words of similar meaning. I adore the idea of seeing a different side of a German soldier - especially because not all Nazis went willingly into the war. 
The love story is beautiful and well-meaning and the characters are both interesting and some we can relate to. 
But for all these good points, the writing isn't as strong as I would have liked. Some of the chapters ended in slightly exaggerated ways such as, each chapter ending in a high-action moment or cliff hanger (each one!). This is a fine way to end a chapter to a point, and I've never disliked a cliff-hanger, but I think the author could have (at times), tried to end a chapter 'normally' so as not to be excused of being overly dramatic. This would have also given us a chance for us readers to catch our breath.
That being the case, the love plot didn't develop as easily as it could have and left with some things to be desired. I wanted to see more of their love story unfold, hear more backstory then we hear here.
However, for many the plot will be seen as just so good none of this matters, and maybe I'm just being over critical. The ending wrapped up nicely and the characters are both likable and unique, with plot-twists and unexpected moments. 

Do you plan on reading this book or have you read any by the author before? Let's chat! (Bonus: Check out the link for a giveaway here!)

Thank you Litfuse, for the chance to read this book and put it up for review. 

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  1. Sounds interesting! I'm always down for a WWII book and this one looks interesting! I'm not really a fan of forced romance though, so we'll see.

    1. You may like it, but yes, the romance felt 'forced' at times by the author and not always something I felt attached to, sadly. However, the plot in of itself had high potential!


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