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Hola readers!

I don't often do tags anymore. I don't know whether that comes from age (in that case perhaps I'm becoming boring?), or from simply having less time as an adult. However, on my survey for this blog awhile back, I found that some of you readers wish to know what movies I indulge in.
I'm a movie buff at heart, and I think the Another Period Drama tag would be a fun choice since Movie Critic offered it up to the tagless people.

Thank you Movie Critic! It's fun for a change up around here.

Rule #1: Answer the questions
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1.  What was the most recent period drama you watched?  Share what you thought of it.:

Robin Hood BBC I suppose is the last period piece that I watched. I really enjoy the show, and was such a die-hard fan at around fourteen or fifteen I had a little club on Pinterest where I and about seven or eight other girls talked about the show each day for about a year. 
I find the show highly family friendly, and while now no longer such a die-hard, I really do enjoy the fun that comes with it (that and I still love Guy). 

2.  Do you generally prefer period dramas in the form of a movie or a TV series/mini-series?  Why?:

I love mini series and TV series. From The Young Riders to Robin Hood BBC to Sherlock BBC to Merlin BBC to Road to Avonlea to sitcoms and and reality TV - I watch a lot of different shows. I like the scope, as well as being able to really getting to know the characters. There's so much depth to show with four or five (or even eight) seasons, and I'm very partial to trying a show over a movie. 

3.  What is your favorite musical period drama?:

I adore The Sound of Music. The movie is a favorite of my grandmother's, and we connected with the movie being a favorite of both of our's. I love musicals in general, but The Sound of Music is one I could watch countless times. 
Also, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is beautiful - highly recommend. 

 4.  Read the book first or watch the movie first?:

Read the book, of course! Watching a movie first leaves the fun of imagining characters and visualizing new worlds. Otherwise, you should just go by what you saw in the movie. 

5.  What is a valuable life lesson you learned from a period drama?:

There's so much I've learned from period pieces. Pride and Prejudice taught me at a young age not to judge others. Robin Hood taught me as a young teen to stand up for what I believe in. Jane Eyre taught me to run away from temptation. Sherlock Holmes (in the old movies), teaches you to truly watch, look, and listen - you'll never know what you miss. Amazing Grace taught me that I'm making a difference. Unbroken taught me the power of forgiveness and the list could go on.

6.  Which period drama hero would you be likely to fall in love with in real life?:
Oh, that's a hard one! The cliche answer would be Mr. Darcy, but I adore Jack in When Calls the Heart! He's just so sweet and keeps Elizabeth from completely losing her cool. 
BUT then of course there's John Thorton....

And I'm also a wild-west fan. This stems from childhood where I'd watch Daniel Boone with my siblings. SOOO....

The Rifleman - so sue me for giving more then one answer. This is just too hard!

7.  Do you ever like to binge-watch a period drama series?:
YES! I binged on Robin Hood the first time I saw it years ago as well as Merlin. I also watched Pride and Prejudice BBC version all in way day (which felt like quite a bit of episodes). 

 8.  What things go best with watching a period drama?:

Silence. Golden silence. (When in a big family, this means a lot to you.)

9.  Which period drama do you think you would fit into best?:

Probably any one from the 1940s or 30s. The Quiet Man actually. While not a HUGE fan of the movie, I did enjoy the scenery and the characters (as well as the clothing and time period), so probably there. (Movie review on The Quiet Man coming up in the next few days). 

10. If you could have any period drama character for a best friend, who would it be?  And why?:

I have no clue, though I think Elizabeth from P&P and I would get along really well! But then there's Mary Kate from the Quiet Man. Both characters have spunk and aren't going to let anyone push them around. I enjoyed seeing that on screen - that and how they don't let their male lovers get the best of them. I loved Mary Kate's fiery spirit which matched that of the actor, and I think both would be fun to talk with and get into heated discussions about going against what society thinks is a norm. 

11. Show us a picture of a period drama costume you wish you could wear in real life.:

Marian's costumes were always my favorite in Robin Hood. I enjoyed who split skirts with the leggings, which was both modest, cute and resourceful. Personally I just loved the split skirts in general - I think I'd like to own some of my own to wear out and about at church.  
Also I loved the blue/green dress from The Quiet Man! (Pictured several questions above). 

12. Are there any period dramas you like to watch during a particular season or holiday?:

Mary Poppins or The Sound of Music at Christmas and Newsies feels like a winter movie since we started watching it in the winter months. 

13. Which period drama has your favorite soundtrack?:

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire's movies have amazing songs (not exactly period drama), and I adore the Jane Eyre soundtrack, but I think The Sound of Music goes in for the win. 

14. Dream cast your favorite actor and actress in a period drama of your choosing; tell which parts they would play and why.***:

Don't even ask. I couldn't even tell you.

15. Are there any period dramas you like more than one version of?:

Emma!!! ^^^^

16. What are the top three period dramas that you haven't seen on your to-watch list?:

I  have quite a few...

1. Call the Midwife
2. Downton Abbey
3. Mcclintok 

17. Show a picture of your favorite period drama hairstyle.:

Not a period piece, but I really love how Ginger Roger's does her hair for the films she's in with Fred Astaire. She has me wanting to bleach my hair blond and curl it!

However, in Merlin, Morgana had both beautiful hair and dress!

18. What was your favorite wedding in a period drama?:

Mmmm, I don't know. I haven't seen very many where weddings are involved. 

19. What is your favorite biographical period drama?:

Amazing Grace or Unbroken - both are incredible, beautiful, well acted films! And both bring you to tears! 

20. Which historical novel will you forever recommend to anyone and everyone?:

Jane Eyre is a lot more beautiful as the book more then the movie. However, I also enjoyed A Tale of Two Cities - makes me cry everytime. And then there's To Kill a Mockingbird! This book nerd could forever go on....

I tag....


and anyone else who enjoys tags.

I'd love to hear your responses - what did you think of my answers? Do you find we have anything in common? Today for a change, let's talk period dramas!

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  1. Hullo Kara!
    This was a fun read. I enjoyed hearing your choices and opinions. You have good tastes. :)

    Hope you're having a lovely March. God bless!
    ~S. F.

    1. Aww thank you, dear. So do you! I think we share very similar taste when it comes to our choice in movies and TV! <3

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you did it! :D

    Oh, such good answers! I love Amazing Grace, The Sound of Music, Pride & Prejudice, A Tale of Two Cities (I cry, too!), and Robin Hood BBC!

    We have binge watched the same things. :)

    Wow! Those hairdos are amazing! I am starting to wish my hair was longer...

    On my answers, you aksed if there were any older movies that I would recommend, and I have finally gotten around to answering your comment. I really behind on answering comments and reading posts.


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