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Gun laws. School shootings.

The two are common topics here in the US. Too common, too frequent. My heart breaks for the victims and their families. The news brings tears to my eyes to see so much brokenness.

I've really thought a lot about gun laws in the last few weeks - especially after the shooting down in Florida. People are talking about banning guns, taking them completely out of the hands of civilians. Others say that teachers should carry guns and the list goes on and on.
Let me be forthright: I live in a state where guns are common. Hunting is like breathing for many people that I know. Sometimes it's their main source of meat and for others it's a way of life.

I know how to shoot a gun. I own a simple hunting rifle. I've gone hunting. I've eaten meat hunters have shot on their hunts. I see a deer and I'm hungry.

I grew up this way. This is how my state is.

For these people, guns laws wouldn't free them. It would take away their way of life as well as their rights as Americans. We have the right to hunt on our property. We have the right to carry guns. I honestly feel God has given us the rights to protect ourselves if need be and to carry firearms.

BUT (and this is a pretty big but), I feel there are exceptions.

I don't feel that an eighteen year old should be able to buy a gun. I don't think that high powered rifles should be in the hands of civilians but stay in the military and police force. I think background checks are a must and that guns should not step a foot in our schools.

But above the fact that I believe that we have a right to own guns, I say that taking away guns from people will not solve the ultimate issue. The issue of these shootings isn't the guns - it's the people who own them. It's the hearts of the people who take lives. This horrible, horrible, issue reaches far beyond guns.
The problem is, we've taken God out of schools. We're not allowed to pray or teach the love of Christ in our schools. We no longer teach about peace or that every person matters. We no longer teach that to Christ you are enough. We no longer teach that God sent His only Son to die for your sins and that because of that you can obtain freedom from the darkness and junk and sin. We don't even teach that sin even exists.

Instead our schools teach that anything goes, that there is no absolute moral law, that you can do stuff behind your parents back (example: have an abortion) and it's okay.
If there is no absolute morals, if everything goes - why not a school shooting?
I know that sounds horrible. Honestly this is a tough subject to talk about but I want to be honest. We've taken God out of our schools yet when tragedy strikes, ask where He is. Confused, much?
God hasn't left us.
He says He never will.
But we've left Him.

How do we solve this gun issue? By bringing God back into our homes and our lives. He is the only one who can truly save.
Firmer laws, tightening down who has guns, will help but they won't solve the root issue. They won't reach the core.
A depressed, angry, teen will find other ways to hurt people. Schools still teach that morals no longer exist, that laws are fluent and subject to change. And if that's the case, how can you say that anything is wrong? If it's a sin to go into a school and shoot, yet not a sin to abort a baby, aren't we being contradicting?

No, the ultimate reason for these horrific, violent acts in the last years aren't just a gun issue - they're a heart one.

The ultimate answer isn't in laws or who can do what, but the answer is Christ.
There is no alternative.

And this is probably the hardest answer possible. Because we're going to have to admit that we're wrong, that for over twenty years we've been teaching false things to our students and that we're sinners. It's admitting we need Someone - a Higher power - and that we're weak. We don't have all the answers.
Admitting it isn't easy

but that action will save lives.

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20 of your thoughts

  1. I agree with you- on most of this. I am eighteen and I would honestly feel better if I could carry a gun with me for protection. I live in Texas and cannot own a handgun until I am 21. So until then, I can only carry pepper spray and maybe a knife. I could even carry a taser if I wanted, but tasers don't work on everyone. A knife isn't going to do the job most times. Pepper spray doesn't always work. I can own a rifle, but I can't be carrying that around with me at work or in public.

    I agree that this is a heart problem, a problem we have from turning our backs on God. But I also think we should have better security at schools. Retired military, people out of the military for whatever reason, could patrol school grounds and guard the people inside. It would not only create more jobs for people who have a hard time finding a job, but it would protect the kids inside.

    Background checks already happen. There is a lot of security. A lot of people don't realize that the man who shot up the Florida school had not only given plenty of warning signs that he needed help, had even admitted to police he needed help, but he also bought the gun legally. Mentally ill people should not be allowed to have gun.

    So, I agree with most of what you are saying. Guns should not be outlawed. They are part of our rights as Americans. We need better systems for mentally ill and we need Jesus.

    Great post. <3

    ~Ivie|<a href=">Ivie Writes</a>

    Also, I hope this doesn't come off like I'm trying to debate or start an argument. I'm not, I just wanted to state my opinon on this. I respect your opinion and I can see what you're saying. <3

    1. Whoops, totally messed up my link.

      Ivie Writes

    2. Hey!
      I like the idea of creating jobs by having people stand outside and guard our schools - it happens now in churches, why not in our schools?
      And I know you'd feel safer carrying a gun - I would too! This topic is so tricky and it's so hard to address! Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I really appreciate your thoughts *Hugs*

  2. We need God in this country again. Thanks for this post, it's very thought-provoking.

    1. Yes we do! I've been praying for revival so long and I hope that I get the chance to see it in my lifetime. <3

  3. So true! I'm always frustrated when people immediately start shouting "GUN CONTROL" after a school shooting, because somehow, SOMEHOW, they just can't see that shootings are not controlled because guns aren't controlled; instead, it's an issue with the people. Living in a very liberal state (with no need for guns, nonetheless), sometimes I have role model figures (e.g. youth group leaders, etc) also purporting it and it just really frustrates me. (Also, even if guns were illegal, MURDER is still illegal? So if guns were controlled, does that mean that people wouldn't murder anymore? I saw something the other day that a guy in a country with strict gun control laws went into a school with knives and try to stab a bunch of people. School shootings, or shootings in general, are not going to stop because guns are controlled.)

    Thanks for voicing my thoughts!

    1. Thank you for your thoughts - so true and so good. <3

  4. Great post, Kara!!!

    I agree with you-I would love to see this change for God in our country happen in my lifetime.

    God bless!

    1. YES! In our lifetime and soon - I'm praying for that too!

  5. Republicanism is NOT Christianity and it makes a very poor substitute. They're incompatible on the basis of two fundamental teachings of Christ. The first of these concerns the evil of accumulating material wealth. The second is Man's unworthiness to judge the sins of his fellow man.

    Much of what you've written is simply wrong. It would seem reasonable that lacking knowledge of history, science and mathematics you might have gained in public school, you would at least have been taught a basic understanding of the Gospel. Yet, again and again, self-identified "Christian" home-schooled bloggers prove they know less than a well educated follower of Islam, or Judaism or even atheism about Christ's most essential teachings.

    The culture you and so many others cling to is not of Christ. It is hateful and cruel. It doesn't love the unborn. It hates the women who bear them. It loves guns more than life and money more than all else. It tells lies, lots and lots of lies. Don't you think it's time you stopped believing them?

    You're a VERY young woman, Kara. Turn from this path. Now. Before it robs you of any chance of real faith. The truth of Christ awaits you in His Word.

    1. Could you explain why she's wrong then, instead of just trying to tear her down for no reason?

    2. Also, what do you mean by "self-identified"? I'm not trying to attack you, I'm just curious on your reasons for lashing out asides from the fact that you didn't agree.

    3. First, God loves Kara and so do I. I'm not trying to tear her down or lash out at anyone. I just find it extremely frustrating to see "conservatism" substituted for Christianity. Addressing everything that's wrong would take too much space. Suffice to say that beyond the gates of the insular world your parents have created lies something more than the depraved debauchery you imagine. Real faith in His Word, as well as those to whom you are to show His love, are here too.

  6. Again, Kara, thank you for stepping out and posting your thoughts on a tough (and controversial) topic like this.
    You are absolutely right: the real issue isn't with guns or ages or security, it's about the heart. Until a heart is changed by Christ, it is wicked and deceitful above anything else like it says in Jeremiah, and it will show. It's very sad to see the way our country is heading... as you pointed out, the only solution is acknowledging our sins and turning back to God. May we see that happening in our country very soon!

    Anyway, thank you for sharing truth once again... keep up the writing for Him! xx

    1. Thank you, Emily! The heart is the root of so much and we often overlook it. The Bible talks about our hearts so much, and I really pray that our country turns to looking at the sin rather then 'things.'
      Thank you for commenting!

  7. i'm laughing at the haters on this post (yeesh!!) but I so loved hearing your thoughts on this issue! I think we all need to be more willing to hear people's opinions on this issue because a lot of people come from a lot of different perspectives and walks of life :)

    1. It's not easy for anyone to share hard topics but I'd love to read more of them. I agree that it's very interesting to hear what people say about the things Christians would rather not talk about.

  8. I applaud you for even being brave enough to address this issue. its been on my heart as well, but even I havent been courageous enough to speak out yet. lol. so even though I dont agree with all of it, I applaud you and your convictions. I applaud your boldness. and I admire your love and passion for Christ.
    keep seeking after Him

    1. Oh, please post on this Faith - as always, I love reading your thoughts.
      Thank you for commenting and continue fighting the good fight! <3

  9. Kara, this is such a difficult subject, but you handled it so well! It is a shame that we don't teach about Christ's love in schools. Great post, Kara! <3


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