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Keturah and her sisters find themselves in a strange land, in a new home after their estranged father dies, leaving behind an estate in the West Indies. The estate needs work but because of their sudden fortune, men all over the island want Keturah's hand. 
However, she's fiercely determined to never remarry - not after suffering an abusive relationship with her former husband. No, she's determined to make her way in the world as a single, free woman - not one tied down by a man. And she's determined to make this new home work, even if she is a woman in a man's land. 

Will she learn to trust God with her wounded heart or is healing impossible?

I'm always up for a book where the sea and sand and a little romance collide. Reading about the West Indies in the 1700s was a fun, historical ride. I instantly bonded with Keturah, the wounded girl with a broken heart. She's not a perfect character and the book deals with hard subjects such as abuse, which isn't always common - especially in the Christian Historical realm. I really appreciated that new aspect and seeing a journey of healing and redemption.
I also bonded with each of the other characters - especially the childhood friend who wants to become Keturah's lover. The romance isn't terribly strong, which is a reason the book is simply labeled "Historical Fiction." But I was fine with that since there was many other little plot twists and interesting things to dive into.
Lisa T. Bergren is wonderful at capturing historical life in a captivating way. Her YA books are some of my new favorites since I found some books at the library, and she's rapidly becoming a favorite for me in the Historical genre as well. I love her writing style, as well as how she weaves stories with unique twists that don't commonly pop up into books (such as I mentioned, the abuse).
I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting a nice spring read - this one would be perfect to take along while at the beach! I loved getting to experience the West Indies from home and following the journey of one girl's broken past and to healing. Inspirational and intriguing!

Thank you to Bethany for the free book in exchange for review.

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  1. I've heard mixed reviews about this one, namely that it was a little on the graphic side of things at times. (As in, there were very detailed scenes etc). What did you think of that? Namely, I read one poor review and now I'm very skeptical of whether I want to read it.

    1. Hmmm...detailed scenes. Of the abuse you mean? I didn't find anything terribly detailed and as for any sex scenes I don't recall anything near them. If you've read the River of Time series from her then those scenes tended to be much more in detail in the romance area. The abuse wasn't as descriptive as I thought it would be. It mainly was her emotional struggles of the aftermath.
      Hope this helps! <3


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