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I have nothing against selfies personally. I enjoy taking self-portraits to practice for my photography. When I was younger I enjoyed my fair-share of selfies and posting them on social media. I enjoyed trying new angles and trying to figure out my point and shoot.
But as I've grown I can't help but wonder....

What drives me to post these selfies? What drives us to constantly pose for the camera?
I've thought about this for a long time. I'll admit I sat down one day about a year ago to write this post and then backed down. I really don't want to step on any toes here or think I'm picking on any one person.
Because I'm not.
I'm asking myself. I'm talking to myself.
I'm come to the conclusion that we crave acceptance. Without realizing it, we crave approval from internet friends and even those we haven't ever spoken to. It's in our DNA to want complimented, to want to be loved and approved of. It's in our DNA because we're all unknowingly searching for the truest, purest form of Love, but we all look in the wrong places.
 Some of us want a reason to get up in the morning, some of us count followers, and others just want to know they're beautiful.
But social media can very easily be used as a weapon against authenticity.
You don't see the messiness of life on social media unless someone allows you to see. You don't see stress and sickness and worry lines.
For me, I've always struggled with the want of approval. I always measured up love, always wanted to be the popular, put-together, kid growing up. Social media didn't help me in that area.
It still doesn't.
I don't see selfies or posting pictures of myself online as sin. There's no Biblical command that condemns it. But I've come to learn to ask myself, "why?" in the day to day social media posting.
And it doesn't just have to be selfies. It can be the words and messages we display in our day to day lives. It can be the grumbling and complaining or the vulgarity or pride or putting others down.
What are we speaking?
What are we trying to gain?
I've always struggled in being myself, in wanting to be something I'm not. It's easy to be different then your truest version when social media comes in. Why do I check for likes on instagram? Why do I check for comments on my blog? Why do I pose for the camera and constantly update my profile?
Maybe it's for all the right reasons.
And maybe it's not.
Social media is so natural as breathing we don't even consider. It's so feel-good addictive we never question. It's something so seemingly harmless we never think twice.

You're lovely, amazing, one of a kind, darling. Don't try to prove something, don't try to be something, other then you were created to be. Social media is not a form of gaining acceptance or popularity or love or respect.

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  1. I absolutely *love* this!! I too struggle with wanting attention, and since reaching a certain age, it's gotten even harder. Especially to continue being modest, and with the Lord's help, I've stayed strong with that. It's so hard to let yourself be enough--if you know what I mean.
    Thanks a lot for this post! It's something I'll most definitely remind myself.

    1. Yes I know what you mean! Being enough, being good enough, being able enough - YES. Christ sees us as enough but we tend to always put ourselves down.

  2. This is so beautiful Kara! Thank you for this. It is so true. You are amazing! <3


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