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Bart Millard grew up with an abusive father, a mother who wasn't around most of the time, and a life of insecurity, misconceptions and questions about who he was. Through his book he goes through his life as a little boy struggling for acceptance and into his life as a man trying to find the will to forgive his dying father.
The inside look at lead singer of the band Mercy Me and his story of forgiveness and redemption.

I wanted this book so bad and snapped it up as ASAP when I saw it for free on BookLook. Readers: This is one incredible story. Through raw emotion and honesty Mr. Millard shows us an in depth look at his life, struggles and the paths he took to becoming part of the hit band Mercy Me.
But his story is so much more then him being a star. It's about forgiveness and the life-change that comes from having a relationship with Christ.
Beautifully Broken.
My mantra for life and the passion the Lord has given me.
This story is incredible - as was the movie. Really both have given me a refreshing look at what can happen to even the worst of people, the monsters and too far-gone people when God takes a hold of their lives.
Books rarely make me cry but in this one there were tears.
It packs a punch not only because it's a true story but because of the realness and rawness of Bart's words. I like to read about a Christian who's not afraid to admit his deepest insecurities, the darkness in the world, but also the light.
This is such a beautiful book with wonderful insight and thought-provoking chapters. I loved this autobiography, the writing is well-done, and I think even someone who isn't a Christian could benefit from this light-in-the-darkness book.

  Let's chat! Have you seen the movie or read the book? I'd love your thoughts!

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  1. This sounds so good! I'll have to read it!

    1. DO! It is SOOO good and I think you'll love it. <3

  2. Ah! I didn't realize there was a book! It sounds really good. I've been hearing about the movie everywhere, and the song is one of my favourites. :)

    1. Yes the movie is brilliant and sure to bring tears - as is the book. I think you would love both of them. <3 Be sure and tell me if you find the book somewhere!

  3. Hey Kara!!

    We are actually going to see the movie tomorrow!! Can't wait!!!:)


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