Little Known Movies: Daddy Long Legs 1955

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An American millionaire, Jervis Pendleton (Fed Astaire), goes to France on vacation and meets a bright and cheerful orphan girl, Julie (Leslie Caron).  Deciding to help her with her schooling and give her a better life, Jervis secretly sends her to school in America.
Thankful and eager to try life in a new country, Julie sends letter after letter expressing her gratitude for the man she dubs, "Daddy Long Legs." 
And years later, after the two meet, Jervis sees more than the little girl he met in France. Now she's a woman and he he quickly finds himself falling for her.  

I'm not overly fond of musicals, but I do enjoy a good one. After seeing Fred Astaire in a number of them with Ginger Rogers, I wondered how I'd like his new dance partner. This was does not disappoint! Wonderful musical, beautiful (as well as some hilarious!) song and dance numbers, and just enough excitement circling around the fact: Will Julie discover that Jervis (the man she's come to care for), is actually her care taker and guardian - the man she's only seen through her letters as 'daddy.'

For anyone else other then Fred Astaire, a story with this plot would seem horrifying and ridiculous. A man twice Julie's age falling for her (and her for him!), but like Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre, the two fit perfectly.
Fred Astaire is as comical and as energetic as ever, and Leslie Caron is wonderful with her innocence, happiness, and love for life. I loved them both in this movie, and I really found myself enjoying Daddy Long Legs.
Being from 1955, it's not in black and white, the music is memorable (especially one particular dream-scene with Fred), and I highly recommend this musical for someone wanting to get away.
Fans of the book (if you knew there was one), will be a little upset about how far away the movie strays (like I was), but then the movie is so charming you quickly forget that fact and settle in for a new edition.

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  1. I've never heard of this movie, but it looks so good! I'll have to look into it! Thanks for sharing, Kara!


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