Questions, Videos, and a Modesty Survey?!

7:56 AM

Hola readers!

I've always enjoyed vlogs and talking more personally with you. I haven't done too many videos in the last while simply because my internet is slow due to living near the mountains, so I often have to settle for the occasional surprise vlog.
However, I would really love to do more, either by using my facebook author page or some other resource if I can't directly on the blog post. I want to share openly, to learn to speak aloud more then just write, because speech can be important as you grow and go into the world in your workplace, school, and in anything that you do.
Being vocal is important and videos step me out of my comfort zone as much as they possibly can. I would love to do bi-weekly or monthly videos if at all possible, and I wondered if there were any topics you would like me to touch on either in videos or on blog posts?
Do you have any questions, any topics that you've wondered my opinion on or something you wanted me to delve deeper into? Please comment!

Also, last thing: I am hosting a modesty survey. I feel that modesty is an important topic for the church to discuss but it is often taken too far or not far enough. And because I have 999% female readers, the survey will be for YOU and ME.
Guy friends, brothers, etc who care about you, will be answering the questions I've gathered and the results will be on the blog in the next few months.
So far so good, and I am very excited to reach out to such a diverse group of people through this survey.

So stay tuned for the results and please comment with topic ideas, questions, or advice on what site other then google I can use for my videos. I can't wait to start vlogging a little bit and I need YOU to help me out a bit with ideas.

Have a blessed week my readers!

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6 of your thoughts

  1. Ohh, I'm so excited for a vlog/video!
    Some questions:
    > Do you have any pet peeves? If so, what?
    > Is there a verse you feel like is a "Life Verse"?
    > Why do you passionate about creating authentic conversations!


  2. Yay! I love vlogs!!

    -What has been the biggest struggle of being homeschooled?
    -What was your favorite thing about homeschooling?
    -When did you become a Christian?

  3. Oh! Yay!!

    What did you think of women and modesty before you knew Christ?
    How did you come to know Christ?
    And now that you are a Christian have our views on women and modesty changed?

  4. Vlogs sound like a great idea! I like how you're intentionally pushing your comfort zone. :) Videos still intimidate me a lot, although I really like watching other people's. So I don't really have any advice about what platform you could use for something different, except Instagram but they would have to be really short videos. And I'd love to hear whatever God has laid on your heart to share, or casual Bible studies. :) I'm looking forward to them! You're going to ace it, girl. xx

  5. A comment about your last post and a question. You ARE a beautiful woman. Still photos and bad selfies are not what people see when they actually interact with someone. Celebrities known for their physical beauty take horrible selfies too.

    Now, why is it that home-schooled self-identifing "Christian" girls fail to acknowledge the abrogation of Mosaic law? This is a fundamental teaching repeated again and again through the 4 Gospels. It's not some weird fringe notion. It's bedrock Christianity. Making law against sin is contrary to Christ's Word. There is a NEW covenant.

    Of course, without the WRONG belief that Christians should punish sin through law, what purpose does "God's Own Party" serve? Why else should you vote "religiously" except to assure the legislature and Supreme Court are packed with the proponents of this ANTI-Christian goal?

    Being honest is an excellent idea. But be honest about the right things.

  6. The places where I know people do videos are YouTube and Facebook (Youtube is probably the most accessible to most people). Instagram might also be a possibility? but they limit their videos to only be 1 minute, so either you're going to have to make a lot of separate videos or just keep it short.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what videos you'll do!


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