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Hola readers!
I'm a bit obsessed with Denise Hunter because in romance fiction, she's my favorite author. She wrote some of my favorite books as well, so in general I was over the moon to receive this book from BookLook to review.
So here we go....

Brady's wife has died, leaving him caring for his small son - the son his maternal grandparents want to claim as their own because they're convinced Sam is not really his son at all.
Juggling fatherhood, a job, and the court, Brady feels in over his head. That is until Hope, a local DJ and friends promises to step in as his pretend fiance to put the odds of winning the impending hearing in his favor.
Both Hope and Brady want whats best for Sam, but can they put their trust in oneanother?

“He was so tired of trying to convince other people he was worthy of their love. Tired of being forced on people who didn't even want him.” 
― Denise HunterHoneysuckle Dreams

This novel was a beautiful first novel to the Blue Ridge Romance series, and just as beautiful as any of Denise Hunter's other books. She never disappoints!
Brady and Hope's relationship is legit as they both fight for Sam, the right to see him in Brady's home. It's a beautiful twist that they have to pretend to be in love...because in all reality they really do feel something for each other. 'Pretend' doesn't really exist here even though they have a hard time admitting it to one another.
As always, we get a beautiful romance, a thrilling plot, and twists and turns as the characters make choices that will define them forever.
I love the inspiration, the subtle hints towards God without being overly preachy. Everything about this book shows me what I love about the author and her books.
Highly recommend for your summer read!

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