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Hola readers!
I know I've been doing a lot of book reviews recently, but honestly...I love to read. So please excuse the excessive amount of reviews, feel free to skip, but if not...be prepared for several more reviews this month.

Julie by Catherine Marshall
Publisher: Evergreen Farm
Copyright: 1995, 1986, 1984, 1983

Julie Wallace is a teen girl living in the 1930s, the last of her High School years spent helping her father with his small-town newspaper. She loves to write, her dream is to make it her career, and in all her free time during the depression she spends time in his office.
Between that, escaping the Great Depression, her crush on the British man who lives nearby, and a serious investigation at the nearby steel mills, Julie has a lot to deal with.  And when tragedy strikes, her courage, faith, and strength will be tested. Will she lose everything she's worked hard to claim as her own?

I was eager to read another Catherine Marshall book because Christy was simply amazing, and though the author may no longer live on this earth, her characters certainly do live on in many lives. Julie is a complex book, with interesting characters, plot-twists, and sometimes a simple look at what an average girl went through during the Great Depression. From hearing about her recent trip to the movies, her love interests, dates, and to the deeper stuff such as investigations and learning how to be a writer, we are fully thrust into Julie's life in a small town during the 1930s.
I enjoyed reading this book, because as always, Julie is well-rounded yet simple and complex, in a mixture that we expected from Christy. With believable characters apparently inspired by the author's life, we get to enjoy a beautiful book, that while maybe not as treasured as Christy (in my opinion), is definitely one for fans of Catherine Marshall's work.
Highly recommend as a new summer read...or a reread!

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  1. It does sound really good. :) I will definitely add it to my to-read list! Thanks for the review - I like reading your reviews. It's good to find out about new books, and discuss old ones. :)

    1. Aww thanks Jessica. I know I tend to do review overloads sometimes, and I appreciate the support. <3 The book was really good and I think you'd love it!

  2. I love this book so much! Your review makes me want to read it again!


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