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Hola readers!
Today we're going to talk about faith.
It's been on my heart since I flew down to see a bestie (and I'm sure you know all about that if you know me because that's all I've talked about ;). In all honesty the word 'faith' has been popping up in my life constantly before I decided to take the plunge and buy a ticket, and the theme of having faith has continued well into flying there and back again.
When I got off the plane after my week down south, I knew I wanted to vlog about it. So here I am, talking, rambling, and trying to get my thoughts in order.

complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

Please don't mistake me for saying that we don't need faith. Faith in God is extremely important. But what I meant was, sometimes (or for me it's 'normally') when you are called to something big, you aren't always going to feel complete peace, joy, and faith. Fear and what-if's are normal in the Christian walk, let's just be real here. Sometimes we don't see us having any faith at all, but we do it anyway way - that's real faith.
We always put our faith in something rather it's our fears, other people, ourselves, or a Higher Power. The question is: In who are we putting our faith? What is controlling our lives? Why are we doing what we're doing?

Faith is extremely important, but God tends to not call the person who's ready. Instead he usually calls the person who is so far from ready, and gives them exactly what they need.
And that means faith too.

God never asks that we have a lot of faith - He just asks that we have faith. Faith to Him isn't measured. Each person's faith isn't something He compares to others. He just looks at each one of us and says, "your faith can move mountains."

Let's chat about faith! What is faith to you?
I've barely scratched the surface of such a wide topic - there's so much more that could be said! I really wanted to post a second video that went into more detail but interest problems kept that from happening. SO a blog post/vlog happened instead.

And by the way, look-out for a fun vlog in the next weeks which is probably less deep and more of just me talking some life stuff. Can't wait to chat more!

Have a great start of your weekend readers!

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  1. I think a lot of the times we must test our faith in God when we are doubtful of things turning out well. I am glad that you shared this story! It's a lovely one. Glad the trip turned out well. I enjoyed this post a lot!

    Simply Me

    1. Aw thanks girl! I really enjoyed doing the video and I appreciate your thoughts! Testing our faith is true and something we need to do often. Nothing get's done when we're sitting in our comfort zones!

  2. Amazing post! Faith is something I need to work on, so this was really encouraging and helpful. <3

    1. Thanks girl! I need to work on faith too, so don't worry - you're not alone. <3

  3. Today, Mother Ireland showed as much respect for the living as it does the yet unborn. This was a good day.

  4. Yay! I finally got to watch this! And I agree so much. It seems faith and obedience are linked - like doing what we know we should be doing even when we're afraid is having faith. I've never quite seen that connection before, so thank you!

    Also, I never got to comment on your previous vlogs about the pharisee and the tax collector - but they were really good as well, and made me see so clearly areas where I am like the pharisee, even if it's my pride in not being like him. Anyway, keep sharing what God lays on your heart! It's a blessing. πŸ’™

    1. Aw thanks, so much Jessica! Your words blessed me this crazy week!!! <3 <3 <3
      The pharisee vlog was inspired by the Aussie pastor that visited my grandparents' church that I told you about. His sermon was so good that I had to share the inspiration I found, with you all. <3


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