The Rancher's Secret Child |A Book Review|

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The Rancher's Secret Child 
by Brenda Minton

Marcus Palermo's simple life gets complicated when he meets the son he never knew he had---and his beautiful guardian. Lissa Hart thought she'd only stick around long enough to aid Marcus in becoming a dad---but could her happily-ever-after lie with the little boy and the rugged rancher?

Hola readers!

I'm always up for a goof romance where cowboys are involved. I'm not a huge fan of Love Inspired books frankly. They are often lacking in editing while the plots are very good. I'm a stickler for a well-edited book regardless of the characters or how good the plot-twist is, so frankly Love Inspired has never been my jam. 
However, I decided to try this book because obviously...cowboys. ;) 
I do not lie, the cover was cute too and I couldn't resist. 
Was The Rancher's Secret Child any good however? Yes...and no. Honestly, the plot was really cute. A man learning he had a child, that the mother had died, leaving him guardian and suddenly a dad. That plot alone in a romance book is one to catch your heart.

However, the plot was also very cliche and Hallmark movieish. The editing left some stuff to be desired, and there was some times the writing wasn't as good as I would like. So I wasn't altogether happy with the book as much as I would like.
In saying that though, the plot itself is really adorable and Marcus gives us the glimpse into the life of a man who regrets his past and needs to stop running from the mistakes of a young man. That alone left an impression on my heart.

But as a sweetener for this review...a giveaway! Love Inspired is hosting it for the blogs doing the tour and personally I would love to enter haha.

What do you think of Love Inspired books? Do you agree that they can often be lacking in a well-edited book?

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Thank you for Love Inspired and the free books in exchange for an honest review - so fun!

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