being yourself is never old fashioned

7:37 AM

"Texting is old fashioned - you won't be able to reach me there now."
I almost chocked. I've just started texting so even imaging it being 'old fashioned' is a bit surreal for me. How can texting be out of style?
It was apparently 'uncool' to a group of young teen girls the radio caller had overheard during church one Sunday, and he was wondering the same thing I was.

We're a culture of constant change. At almost-twenty, I find that I already can't keep up with what is cool and what isn't.
And honestly I don't know if there is such a thing.
How can I define a certain level of 'cool'? How can I define what is 'in' and what isn't? How can a certain type of music be shunned by one group and accepted by another? How can we say we stand for diversity and unique personalities, yet offer none when it comes to the simple choices people make, like about whether or not they date, or if they don't like a certain social media site?
We mock what isn't 'in.' We silently think a person is more 'cool' than another because of how they dress or whether or not they are out-going or not.
We say 'be yourself,' yet feel completely intimidated to do just that.

Old fashioned is...not a bad thing. For the world to label anything (or even you) 'old fashioned' does not necessarily mean you no longer have any style. Old fashioned may be a term to mean 'uncool' for many, but honestly? Labeling someone 'old fashioned' is uncool.
Old fashioned comes in so many forms.
For me it was always because I'm not on my cell phone 24/7, because I like old movies, and don't stay up late. It's because I like the 1940s-50s and can name off dozens of facts from the era.
Personally I prefer the term "old soul" because I honestly feel that label fits me perfectly, but not everyone wants a box to jump into - I certainly don't.
But we tend to shun the people who are different. We label are personal preferences of definition of cool and uncool, and shun anyone who doesn't fit those lables.
We try hard to strive to be ourselves, yet continually follow the latest trends just 'because everyone else does it,'
We don't stop and think twice. It's the norm to do it because it's what's in. We don't stop to see if it's right or wrong or if it's what we want.
We just do it because we feel pressure.
Because we don't want to look like the odd-ones out.
Because we don't want to make anyone mad.

Our personal likes and dislikes, what we own or whether or not we join in on the typical 'college life.' Whether we are adults or trying out adulting, whether we text or DM or IM or PM or wear make-up or not, or go to prom, or date in High School...
These choices do not have to define you. You are bigger and so much more then those little choices.
You are not the the box the world likes to put you in. You are a daughter of the King, and whether or not you decide to live that our or not, is what truly makes all the difference. When one day you step back and see your life play before your eyes, that's when your choice to follow Christ or not comes in to play.

You have a choice: live that truth out or let everyone else dictate your feelings. You have a choice: Live YOUR life undefined by the world or accept their lies and pressures and assumptions.
My deepest conviction? Live like God gave you a choice. Act like Jesus' death and resurrection gives us the beauty of free-will and use it well. Use it to the best of your ability and act like Jesus gave you the choice to be you (as long as those choices glorify Him).
Forget the norm.
Dare to be different.
Do what you want because you do, and not because everyone is pushing and pulling you every which way. Do what God has called you to do because you can, and not because it's cool.

Because normally, what God calls us to do, is hardly ever (in the appearances of the world) - cool.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Romances 12:2

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  1. Wow, texting being old fashioned! And I like the term old soul too. :)It's so true though - trying to be cool or fit in is a never ending battle. Thanks for this encouragement to be who God calls us to be! It's always going to be better than being cool anyway. :) xx

    1. YES! It's really is a never ending battle to keep up with the latest....whatever that may be. Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. I'm so confused at the "texting is old fashioned" part. XD

    Anyways, this post was amazing and thought-provoking like always, great job!

    1. I know, right?! I really couldn't believe it haha. I just started texting some friends (I prefer FB messenger), so I was just so confused.

  3. Son of the king in my position. This post stuck out for some reason. What does it matter what people say is cool or uncool or whatever? I prefer Google Hangouts or Instagram DM personally because your contact is not given out too much if your PI . Anyways, to quote Billy Joel " hot funk, cool punk, even if it's old junk it's still rock n roll to me."

    1. Thanks for dropping by Even and for the comment! I enjoyed the quote from Billy Joel because honestly it's true. I don't care what's 'cool' or what's not because honestly it shouldn't matter.


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