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Good News for a Change, by Matt Miklatos
Publisher: NavPress

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Who doesn't like good news? When nonChristians bring up spiritual matters, we as Christians can often be caught off guard, fighting for an answer to sometimes seemingly impossible questions.
Good News For a Change is about working together as believers to share the gospel in a way that others will understand and relate to.

A book on evangelism is just what I need for the start of my summer reads - and this book rocks it! Matt Miklatos is a wonderful writer. He speaks in a language we can all know, explaining how to spread the gospel in a way that the seeker, the atheist, the addict - everyone - can grasp and if not accept, at least understand. He explains what exactly the good news and gospel is without being theological - using plain (and sometimes humorous!) language.
I loved some of the points he made (like speaking plainly to others) and how non believers are often confused by terms like 'being consumed by the spirit' or 'drinking the blood of Christ'. Things we bring up in the church all the time, but others just might not understand.
Using real life stories and scripture, at the end of this book I felt a little more empowered in how I proclaim Christ, with a clearer understanding myself, of the good news.
I couldn't say enough about this book - something put so simply can be so powerful.

Highly recommend for anyone!

| ...Jesus wants us to go into the darkness, not just wait for the people far off to approach the light.|
Matt Mikalatos 

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  1. Ah, this sounds like a great book! I need to be re-inspired about evangelism, and I like the cover and title too. :) When I think about it, everyone is just hanging out for some good news these days. Thanks for sharing!

    1. OH YES I thought about you as I read - I think you'd really enjoy it. <3

  2. that seems like a really interesting read. I might have to look into that one.

    have you ever Assimilate Or Go Home by D.L Mayfield? It's an autobiography about a woman whose goal was to become a successful missionary and evangelize to basically everyone. and how she failed.
    I just finished it. I read the whole thing in two days and it blew my entire mind. I cant stop thinking about it. I would 10/10 recommend if you're interested in books on evangelism. its a different perspective that I have come to really appreciate and we dont hear enough about.

    1. Oh WOW that book sounds amazing - I will totally see if my library has it! I love finding books on fresh perspectives - especially on Evangelism. Thanks for the recommend!


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