The Girl's Guide To Conquering Life Review

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The Girl's Guide To Conquering Life, by Erica and Jonathan Catherman
Publisher: Revell
Genre: Youth-Nonfiction  

Hola readers!

We as girls want to be capable, want to excel and to be independent. The Girl's Guide to Conquering Life is a go-to illustrated book full of instructions on the day-to-day life tricks you will need to know. This book shows you how to...

introduce yourself

change a flat tire 

leave a tip 

create a budget 

iron a shirt 

and much more! 

I really was eager to see what this book would be all about - a girl's guide to conquering life just sounds so promising. And let's face it, I'm always eager for a book (period), and anything that empowers girls as Christians to go into the world more confidently.
There were some very good chapters on working on your car, bathroom issues ( unclog a drain, anyone?), getting a date, making mash potatoes, or applying for a job .
Some of the book was just so obvious. How to wash your hands or hair, how to make a bed or how to order from a menu, was just everyday life-skills that every girl should have by the time they pick up this book.
We see a lot about the day-to-day and grant it we also see useful things  (how to behave if pulled over by the police, managing a credit card, and other valuable stuff, I found informative), but why how to wash hands? Why not do something else that I haven't been doing since I was one? I don't mean to be hard, but I feel (personally) that such a great book could have been better if they added things we actually needed to know.

Still a good book, just not as good as it could have been.

Thanks for Revell for the chance to review and read and give my honest opinion.

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  1. hm I have a copy of this to review too, and I have the same issue with it (which is why I haven't reviewed it yet). You'd think they'd have put in a chapter on "how to read" so that we could then learn how to wash our hands????????


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