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I briefly stop my break from blogging to introduce two book reviews, because I have obligations to publishers and books need to be proclaimed. are two books for your Tuesday in two separate posts....

Chloe has spent her entire career as a Hollywood actress dying...because apparently she's good at it, but that one little detail that she's best at, just might be killing her career. However, she's over the moon when she get's her dream part in a historical movie, and sees it as a boost to her failing career. She plays the compelling role of Esther, inspired by a love letter the author, Jesse, discovered in his family line. 
Jesse Gates prefers writing about romance than considering his own broken past. But once on set with Chloe, the chemistry is real. 
Will the love of the past and the love of the here and now, collide? 

 I always look forwards to a brilliant read from Rachel Hauck. Her princess series has always been near and dear to my heart. I love her idea of Hallmark-type fiction! Her other books in this new series, colliding history and present-day hasn't been my favorite (I loved the Wedding Chapel though!), and The Love Letter is promising, but still lacking.
The characters are fascinating, the plot unique, but I think I have a hard time skipping back and forth between the here and now and then the historical setting. Both perspectives spin a beautiful tale, but the frequent changing leaves me hanging and not connecting with the characters as much as I would like.
However, I enjoyed the inside look at Hollywood, the love between Chloe and Jesse, and the ending was beautiful. Inspirational fiction is always a pleasure to read, and while not my favorite, I still enjoyed this latest installment from Rachel Hauck. A summer read for sure, for fans and people who enjoy a feel-good Hallmarkish read!

Thank you to Booklook for this book in exchange for my honest thoughts

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  1. This looks like a really fun read! I'll definitely have to see if I can get my hands on a copy! (THAT COVER IS SO PRETTY)

    1. YESSS THE COVER. <3 Let me know what you think - it wasn't a fave of mine but still for fans, worth your while!


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