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What does it mean for our hearts to burn for God? Lacey Sturm offers her journal and her heart in The Return, a guidebook to overcoming darkness. Are you unsure about what's next or feeling lost...Lacey Sturm gives us a glimpse at what it means to truly seek God in all that you do. 

I was beyond excited for this book because Lacey Sturm's books have always come into my life when I needed them most. The Return is different from her other books, so at first I was a little disappointed that this wasn't a regular book. There's journal entries, recipes, notes, poems, song lyrics - literal pieces of Lacey Sturm's journal. We are getting an up-close, personal view of who she is, and that's displayed deeply in this book.
Her words and reflections take Christians out of the box culture has put us in, and shines Jesus in a whole new light. Lacey Sturm isn't your 'normal' person - her thoughts and reflections go so much deeper then skin-deep, and she really does have something important to say. She gives us a voice in the storm, letting us see that there's hope for tomorrow - that we don't have to remain in the limbo of life and can live freely in Christ.
Lacey Sturm's testimony has true power, and her allowing God to work through her is incredible. Everyone really needs to take the time to read all her books - saving The Return for last. Soaking in her words is always something I look forward to, and The Return is no different.

A great summer read!

Thank you so much Baker Books for this free-send in exchange for my personal review.

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  1. Wow, I've never read any of her books - maybe I should change that. They sound good! :)

    1. YES! I so recommend her books - her insight is brilliant and so beautiful. <3


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