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I'm a Christian. I love on people who are different then me, who have not yet accepted Jesus as their Savior, who feel they don't fit in with The Church, who find us Christians hypocrites. I love my fellow brokens who don't see Jesus in the pain. I listen to secular music sometimes (feel free to judge). I don't always read Christian books. I like Sherlock (and he cusses!!!!!). I'm not saying this for you to be proud of me, for you to see, "job well done - you're not a perfect Christian."
I'm saying this to make a point.
I love those who aren't Christians. I hang out with people who don't love or know God.
But I can't do that all the time.
As an almost twenty year old girl, I have found the importance of spending time with Christians, of talking with Christians...of the church.

For many, the church has burned them. For many the Christian community has rejected them. I know many Christians who are strong in the Lord, but still refuse church. I'm not ratting them out. I'm not telling them wrong.
But I am saying this...
Christian community is important, and it's worth pursuing. Only your fellow God-lovers can pray for you. Only your fellow God-lovers can surround you with His love. Only your fellow God-lovers can experience true worship with you.
After a hard work week of heck, after a seemingly never-ending school week, after the storms and wind and is important.
We as Christians tend to hide our feelings, hide what's going on, pretend to be invincible. But church has taught me that this shouldn't be the truth. I have met people who became Christians and soon left the faith due to not pursuing relationships in the church.
They felt alone in their faith, they didn't understand the Bible, they lost that spiritual high....and it didn't just feel worth it.
Lately I've been struggling to feel God. Lately the church has been the only encouragement in my life.
And when I say the church, I'm not talking about a building. I'm not talking about a sanctuary. I'm talking about spending time with fellow God-lovers who accept me for who I am and encourage me in anyway they can.
The world judges. They tell you you're wrong, what you should know and what you shouldn't. They judge you for your music choices and movie choices and whether or not you keep up with the latest trends. It's exhausting.
And sometimes you need just need someone to understand.
I don't know if you know a Christian like that. A lot of people don't. Many people show up to church just to get away or to do the right thing.
But I encourage you to find a church or group meeting or bible study or youth group or college group or over coffee chat.
Community. It's important.
A lot of people think they can do it on their own; they're fine living like they are. Many people don't surround themselves with people of God and wonder why they're depressed.
Can I take a moment of honesty? I'm most happy when I'm doing what I'm called to do, and I feel that we as believers are called to gather. The first Christians met in's okay if that's what church means to you.
But I'm telling you - find a church.
For everyone that looks different, but reach for it, take it, don't give up on it. Church for my dad is Bible Study at his very liberal work. Church for me can be chatting with my best friend on the phone and talking God-stuff. Church for my best friend can be anything from attending church on Sunday night to Bible study on a college campus. Church can be a prayer vigil. Church can be attending a Bible study on Wednesdays. Church can be making it a habit to meet with fellow young adults and reading the Bible together...
And yes, church can be actually There's no shame in not going...but honestly, it's a shame if you're not trying.

You can't grow if you don't try. You'll stay a baby Christian forever. Surround yourself with God-lovers. Surround yourself with love. It's okay to be in the world...but growing means allowing yourself to change.
Sometimes we get so caught up in life we forget that we could actually feel better. Loneliness can be a we accept and do nothing to change.
But community is possible.
I'm sorry if the Church burned you. I'm sorry darling.
But WE, we as Christians are the church. Please do not allow a group of people to define you. Please allow yourself to be stronger than the pain.
I have found both acceptance and burn in different churches...but you can't let that define who you know God is. You can't let that define what being a Christian should be about. Do not let that experience define all Christians...because that's just not fair.
I'm writing this mixed-up rambles because I believe in the power of community, in the power of change, in the power of the church...and it hurts me to see so many alone, so many never growing in their faith...because I believe in community and I believe surrounding ourselves with the Church (as the church should be), can make a difference in the world.

Because together we can move mountains. Together we can do so much more than we could ever do alone. 

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  1. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. seriously, girl. you hit this subject perfectly. couldn't have said it better myself

  2. I have a friend who struggles with Christians because she is gay, it's such a sad thing to see people push others away because of a difference in belief. In the end, we're all still broken humans.

    I love your closing line for this post, so powerful!

    1. Thanks girl! I have a friend who is gay too so I understand that completely - she's going through the same thing. It's sad for me to see the Christian community shunning others because of their sin, because, afterall, we're all sinners and we all need a Savior. No sin is greater or less than...and it's all covered by Jesus' perfect love.
      Blessings!<3 <3 <3

    2. homosexuality is a sin, but so are all other sexual sins. Just like all sexual sins, and all sins for that matter, even if it is extermally hard to, they can be fought with God's help...... So situations like that are hard. If someone continues to live homosexuality they are continuing to live in sin, and if they aren't fighting sin chances are they don't even care. At that point there is nothing left to do and it is up to God. BUT!! At the same time anyone who becomes Christian and fights their homsexuality that alone is a show that they are truly wanting Christ. Share the truth with love, but don't hide it. But BY ALL MEANS still show them love. Sexual sin is not good. Show you care without shunning them.

  3. I appreciated your thoughts on this, Kara. Recently I had an opportunity to be around people who were sold-out for God, so focused on pursuing Him and sharing Him with others, and it made me realize how I need that, how that's what Christian fellowship is meant to be like. So, I agree. And I need to try more. xx

    1. Awww YESS! It's that moment when you step into the Christian circle and see the love of God in others, that you realize how much you need to be surrounded by this. <3

  4. Yes! Community is so important in our Christian walk. Of course, we can’t be isolated from the world, and we shouldn’t be since we’re called to shine His light... but it’s important to also surround ourselves with people who love God and follow Him.
    Be in the world, not of the world.
    Great post, Kara :).

    1. Yes, there's that fine line to's so easy to shun others with different beliefs when seeking Christian community!
      Thanks for the thoughts, girl. <3

  5. I go to church, have been going to this new church for a littlle more than a month now. I have not attended a sunday school class yet thus not knowning nobody yet. I've off and on had onversations with a Christian who is going back to a non community college as her summer break ends soon. Have invested time for at least a year in one of the thrift stores/work places run by a Christian addiction recovery ministry. Half of the workers are guys in the program who are getting back on their feet. It is a really awesome experince. I have had issues with college church groups in the past. ( that's actually why I changed churches.) and am not sure if i am ready yet.

    1. It sounds like you're in a good place though - keep seeking God and all his plans, and continue seeking a Christian community!
      Thanks for commenting Evan!

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