INTRODUCING............|Two New Surprises|

7:56 AM

Hola readers!

It always takes awhile for me to take a leap of faith and start new things, but after much prayer and thought, I did them BOTH.
With great excitement, I announce two new things to Beautifully Broken.

W O R D   W A R R I O R S 

Just about for forever I've wanted to start a writing group for writers (like me) who struggling in finding support in the writing community. Most groups are too big, not a certain genre, or simply no one wants to participate in helping out with your novel.
So like I normally do when I can't find answers....I do something about it myself.
I would be honored if you'd join my community for writers on the private facebook group, hang out, and share your writing journey with us.
I pray it's a place to learn, to grow, and get help, and to meet people just like ourselves.
If you don't have facebook you can also use a family member's account or.....make one now just for the occasion. The group is private to keep your information just between us, and you can choose what and how you share.
But anywho..... check out my group here  and have a look around.

A N D for the second surprise......

I've started an e-mail mailing list and I would love for you to be a part. At least once a month I will try and send out an e-mail to all those on the list - especially about my writing journey. I'm taking some big leaps in my writing journey and I want to share that with you.
At this point you're probably tired of hearing about my journey to become a published author, but everything is a process and this is just another step to make that dream come true and build readership and keep in contact with you amazing people.

You can check out the info for the e-mail list here!!!!

I love finding ways to connect with you all and these are just two major ways for me to do that. Maybe they're baby steps for some, maybe to you they're not that big of deal, but these things take a lot of effort and prayer for me to begin.
I'm honored to share that with you and I'd be even more honored if you'd share about the writing group with writer friends who you think may enjoy the group. Send them an invite to the group and maybe put your e-mail in the list to get updates apart from my blog.

So just to sum it up....

Word Warriors F A C E B O O K: here 

New E - M A I L list: here

Have a great weekend readers!

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11 of your thoughts

  1. Ooh, I'd love to be in your writing group, but sadly I don't have facebook, but I hope it goes well for you. <3

    1. Aw, that's too bad - you'll be missed. <3 <3 <3

    2. I applied because even though i'm a retired writer when it comes to anything non poetry, I used to write and may eventually make a sequel to my writings, but as of now I am retired and would like to help out, share ideas, and help other writers.

  2. Wow! This is great. You did a great job on accomplishing these two.

    1. Thank you kindly - I appreciate the support!

  3. That's so great!! Super happy for you <33

    1. Aw thank you, Paige. I'm happy too and I really appreciate all the support from the blogging world. <3 XOXO


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