My Chaotic July Summed Up

7:44 AM

Hola readers!

It's August.
This is nice.
I'm happy.

My July was full of so much that it should have been two months in one. I worked all of this month (only one day off so I could have a cook-out with the fam for the 4th), read not quite as many books as I would have liked, and listened to lots of NF.
I'm just ready for my birthday (I'm probably more excited than I should be about 20), and to visit family, but in saying all of that...July was hard...really, really, hard. There were a lot of tears and chaos and frustration...but I'm still breathing, I'm still alive, and I've grown so much. I think 20 and I will finally fit each other. I'm more of an adult than ever.


  • I saw For King and Country in Concert with my family (for free). Volunteering with Compassion International was AMAZING...and has it's benefits. Honestly though, I was very blessed to be able to see them in concert as well as raise awareness about poverty. The night was a blast! 

  • I celebrated the 4th of July. Family has become extremely important to me - especially this summer. These moments are priceless. 

  • I had a babysitting interview, so part time I will be babysitting two adorable little girls. I'm really excited for the job since it will be so flexible. Now I just need a part-time job for the side to go with the babysitting. 

  • And I worked. A lot. My whole summer has been filled and consumed with work, and now that it's all said and done and I'm trying to figure out a new job, I've found that I can finally catch my breath. It's a relief - especially after working with so many kids with so little staff, and the chaos and hot sun. But it was rewarding too. I made friends, learned what it's like to be a leader, what it's like to work a hard job and come out strong. 

  • AND....AND I'm super excited because I have a writing project I've been working on (in secret) that may actually get to see the light of day. I'm going to talk more about it as it progresses, but my book The Broken Prince may get a major edit and my 'secret' project may....well let's just say I'm super excited about it and we shall have to see (more news on that possibly in September!!!!). 
B O O K Favorites

Terri Blackstock's Night Light was incredible. Hands down. This book is worth raving about. 

Sometimes I'm in the mood for theology, and 'stealing' this from my mom's book hoard, was rewarding. "God's Not Dead," was wonderful. 

Murder at the Flamnigo was another favorite. A 1930s book for the win!


A Love Like Our's from Becky Wade
Thief of Corinth from Tessa Afshar 
Whispers from Robin Jones Gunn
Unlikely Angel from Ashley Smith 
Reawakened (A Once Upon a Time Tale)

M U S I C 

High Hopes from Panic! At the Disco
My Feet Are On The Rock from I Am They
Outcast from NF
Turn the Music Up from NF

So that's my month. I have a lot planned for August, and my 'secret' project will hopefully be revealed sometime in the next month or so. I need to do some edits on it and it may just see the light of day. And The Broken Prince may actually get a major edit professionally, so that's exciting. I'm using a lot of my work money for that....and possibly a car. 
So a lot going on in my life. 
How was your July? 

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5 of your thoughts

  1. it was ok. Went on vacation. A lot of boredom. Preping for whatever the next race i will run shall be. and watching lots of baseball.

    1. Well, boredom can be nice...I wanted some so bad this summer haha!!!

  2. I saw For King And Country when I was in high school. My then best friend and the closet thing I had to a girlfriend, Kellie, invited me to go with her church youth group. I guess it is kinda a bittersweet memory. She became someone that I used to know eventually, when she had some personal issues leading to her getting rid of me. anyways, that was my junior year of High school. Also, a what would be cross country team mate, who was my other and main friend throughout high school post the depart ion of the girl who invited me. She was attending. The concert was one of the WinterJam series concerts. It feels so long ago....... distant...... For King And Country was one of the bands I ended up not liking, but better than others there. My favorite I remember may have been Mathew West. ( Mathew West is the ONLY Christian artist I have ever seen live 2 times. The first time I saw him it was with Sidewalk Prophets and one other group who were side acts.) I was not even in high school then. It was back in 2010 right before he released The Story Of Your LIfe , which was his 4th album. I don't listen to much Christian music anymore but I have memories...


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