I Challenged Myself...to 30 days

8:07 AM

Hola readers!

I am a pessimist. No matter what I do, I assume the worst. Maybe you can see that from my blog posts. Maybe you can see that I often see the darkness...more than I see the light. I struggle to see the good, the beauty.
It's just me, but I don't like it. It is by-far an unhealthy way to live.
So after a little conviction after some prayer time the other week, I'm challenging myself to 30 Days of Praise on social media. Each day I post one thing from that day that I feel especially blessed about: no matter how little.
No matter my day, no matter what mental or emotional state I'm in, I'm committing to 30 Days of Praise. And I'm about one week in, and it's been incredible.
There's something about focusing on the good that changes your world, that turns your perspective. There's something about paying attention to the sunsets and wispy clouds and your family and the laughs and memories and the life you've been given.
Life as an adult isn't like my little child fantasies but it's beautiful and that's worth celebrating.
I'd love if you'd join me on my 30 Days -- even if I've already begun.
Feel free to jump in.
I'm not being legalistic about this. If I skip a day I will just move it up to a few extra days. I may go longer than 30 days, I may not. I may skip a day, I may not. But I'm committing that regardless if I have time to post on social media, I will continue to look around me for the little things.
In this day and age, it is so worth it to see those small gifts from God.
It just really is.

Day One: My sisters are my life, some of my best friends, my fellow book nerds and fangirls. It is not an odd thing to see us doing pretty much everything together.
These girls give me motivation to write, to reach for my dreams and to not take myself too seriously. (They have also listened to their share of my soap box rants!)
And it is by far far from perfect in our fam - we fight like no ones business and boy they rib me about my messes, but I love them and they are worth talking about for my first day of 30 days of praise. 
So this evening meet Korin and Kailin. They are reading Harry Potter so lots of fangirl feels and I had to snap a photo. God is good y'all - here's to the little things in life.
Day two of 30 Days of Praise: Today I am thankful for memories, for the beauty of being able to look back. Sadly some memories are painful. Sometimes it hurts to look back. But today, at CVS ordering photos, I felt a surge of gratefulness for being able to remember at all.

"We take the gospel to our teenage friends--not as adults who have it all figured out, but as beggers helping other beggers find food. We don't cry, you heathen, come be more enlightened like me!" Instead, we ask a question: are you tired, hungry, cold...Me too!"' When free books 'pop up' in your life E X A C T L Y when you need them. 🔸
Alongside is the kind of book that teaches and encourages you in one breath. I really needed this now. Like really. 
Day three of my 30 days of praise!!! .

I am grateful that the lies I tell myself are just that: lies. I have the freedom to say that my words I may use to define and downgrade myself do not define who I really am and I can live in that Truth--really live.
🔸Want a moment of brutal honesty? 
Sometimes I call myself failure, loner, weird, too out of place, not pretty enough, not smart enough...and the listgoes on. My IG may look happy but sometimes I am not.
Relate much?!
But what gives me hope and strength against my own worst enemy called self is that Jesus saw each of us as 'to die for' and that alone makes me happy.
Day four people--I am doing it!!!✌

I'm on day six now, and feel free to keep up with my 30 Days or if you join let me know -- I'd love to follow your 30 Days as well.

Have you seen a difference in your life if you choose to take note of the little things? 

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9 of your thoughts

  1. This is so amazing! Maybe I'll try? I need to try to be more positive.

    1. Oh please do - it's so much fun! Do you have IG? I couldn't remember and I'd love to follow you!

    2. Sadly, I don't have one. Maybe in the future!

  2. I love this! Too often I feel the same way - focusing on the negative or believing lies about myself, and not seeking out the positive. Seeing little good things in each day is a great way to live. Your sisters seem so sweet (mad props for reading Harry Potter!) and reading this post definitely encouraged me. :) I hope you have a great rest of your 30 days!!

    1. My sisters are lovely - thanks so much for commenting Erin. I'm really enjoying a second reread of HP. I adore Snape and Tonks haha and not realizing Snap's goodness from the first book I love picking up clues. <3

  3. This is awesome that you are doing this! Sometimes it is hard to be thankful, but being able to give thanks in a blessing, too!

    1. It truly is - I'm seeing huge importance in giving thanks these last few days. XOXO


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