Silencing Insecurity |Book Review|

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Publisher: Revell
Publishing Date: 2018
Stars: **** (Four Stars)

We're always looking around to who is smarter, prettier, a better IG feed, or has better success is life. But the comparison game is not how God intended for us as His children to live....
Counselor Donna Gibbs draws from twenty years of experience, exposing how we really need to be living, showing us the results of living insecure and how to change.

I really needed this book in my life. Insecurity plagues me everyday and I was eager to my hands on a copy of this book. I needed to see I wasn't alone, to help me through this burned-out time in my life where the comparison game NEEDS to take a back seat.
So I snagged one and here are my thoughts:
The book is PERFECT for those needing a straight-forward approach to dealing with insecurity. A counselor herself, the author knows how to address each issue with thoughtfulness and without a bunch of fluff. It is a professionally written book with shortish chapters and thought-provoking questions at the end of each one.
However, my favorite books are both raw and vulnerable, so this one wasn't my favorite. I love seeing where the author is struggling, as well as see real stories from real people and this book lacked that. The writing style was also a little too professional for my tastes, because personally that just intimidates me. I prefer an approach where the person itself is raw and vulnerable along with me, and talking to a counselor - or reading a book by one - just scares me. I'm just that way.
So hey, that's my opinion and I've see rave reviewers from fellow readers and book nerds, so don't take my word for it.
Genuinely I think many will benefit from Silencing Insecurity!

Thank you Revell for this good book in exchange for my personal opinion. <3 

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  1. Just added it to my to-read list - thanks for sharing! I enjoy books that are more open and vulnerable too, as you were saying, but I also like some solid counselor advice, so this might be perfect. :)

    1. YES, you probably would really like this book. It was good, just not to my taste, so I hated to give it a bad review. XOXO


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