Unexpected Places |Book Review|

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Unexpected Places
Anthony Evans

Publisher: W Publishing Group
Publishing date: 2018
Anthony Evans knows what it's like to be famous, he knows what it's like to have ADD, to have a father who's a pastor, to be shy..he's seen a lot and done a lot. And in his book Unexpected Places, he talks about that.
Unexpected Places is about the unplanned moments, the things you weren't looking for, and the power of God it takes to shape us into who we are. It's about finding your voice in the chaos and clinging to hope.

To be honest, I didn't know much about Anthony Evans prior to reading his book. I knew I liked this song...here, and I knew that he was the son of Tony Evans (a favorite author of my own pastor father). And I soon found that Anthony Evans speaks from an honest heart that doesn't try to hide his ADD tendencies. He speaks from the heart of a pastor's kid, the shy kid, and what it was like spending time on the show The Voice. I appreciated his voice of hope with his true (and sometimes humorous) stories from his own life about rising out of the darkness.
For fans of his music, for those who've seen him on The Voice, or who enjoy a nonfiction book about real life, I think you will enjoy Anthony Evans. A short read with short, well-written chapters that speak hope about finding your voice and rising.

Thank you Booklook for a chance to review and read this book.

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