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Hola readers!

I thought it was high time I posted a book update post. I'm still going for the publishing goal, and...I've started writing a new book...AND AND I hired a publisher this past week who's polishing The Broken Prince (my  currentYA fantasy novel) so I can resubmit it to publishers this winter.
I'm super excited to see where my writing journey goes, and The Broken Prince has been my growing baby for awhile. I started her in 9th grade and you've heard bits and pieces about it ever since then. I saved money from working two summers and my new job at Panera, and it all paid off since I get to hire an editor and see The Broken Prince shining to perfection.
Not only that, but I've struggled with writer's block for a long time, and finally decided on another book to write as I edit The Broken Prince. It's my newest baby and I'm so scared and excited to write it!

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The War Inside is my newest WIP, a YA speculative birthed after reading The Screwtape Letters from C.S Lewis. If you've read the book before, than you have an idea of what my novel involves...the supernatural side of the universe.
I've never written contemporary fiction before much less something that deals with spiritual warfare and battle, and that's what my newest WIP deals with. I'm only in the beginning works of this one, and with editing my other novel, this one will need to be set aside quit a bit. But overall, again, imagine The Screwtape Letters. It's basically a book that deals with a girl who can see bits and pieces of the dark spirit world, who can see first hand the devil's temptations...and what she plans to do about that.

Celia. She's INTP so basically she's Sherlock Holmes in nutshell. She's also a painter, her best friend is a guy, and she's pretty much a loner. And that's all before she begins to see scary things....unnatural things.

When people see me they don't really see me. They see a girl headed for the street corner in a few years, not the girl I am. Looks can be deceiving and I prove that everyday. 


No, nothing releases the pain like my passion for art. Because, for just a moment, everything fades away and it's just me and my work. It's mine and mine alone, and for once I can try and make sense of the chaos and confusion threatening to swallow me whole. 


The creature continues to whisper, the words dying away before they reach my ears. I want to rise, to stop this madness. But like every time, I can do nothing. 
And than they're gone.
But not forever. 
I fall back where I'm rocking on my heels, my butt cracking against the linoleum as I fall. I draw in a deep breath, my hands trembling. 
My eyes fall on the painting I've worked so hard on and I see that the dragon of fire has devoured the dragon of water. And once again, for another day, hell has won. 

I made an aesthetic for it too.

But anyway, The Broken Prince is coming along fairly well in the edit world. I'm scared for it too because I know it needs a lot of work. My 9th grade self didn't see all the plot holes see now. I didn't see how silly some ideas my characters had and I'm baffled now at what my fourteen year old self did.
At twenty I wish I'd waited to write The Broken Prince until now. I could have addressed a lot of things differently now.
But I'm not giving up. I can't.
I know if I stop now, that if I let go of this dream, than I will always wonder what would have happened if I didn't. I know I would regret it.
I may fail. In the end The Broken Prince may never get traditionally published. In the end that may not be where it is supposed to go.
But when I close my eyes I see myself writing. I don't see myself in college. I don't see myself a social worker or police officer or in the military like the little girl in me dreamed.
I just see myself a writer.
And for now, that will be enough to keep me going, whatever stories God gives me to write.

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  1. Wow, I am so happy for you!!

    This is so exciting. I know how I felt when I hired my editor. It was scary, exciting, and a bunch of other emotions jumbled together.

    Your new W.I.P sounds so AMAZING!!! I can't wait to hear more when you share more. I'm already fangirling over it. 😂😂

    Keep up the awesome work!!

    1. Ohh, who was your editor? I hired Rachelle Cobb and she's really good!!!!!
      Thank you bunches for your fangirling -- I really appreciate your support. XOXO

  2. Kara! This is so exciting! I am excited for you! I love the atheistic of the book and the snippets from the book. <3 Wishing the best for you and this process.

  3. Your new WIP sounds wonderful! I love the aesthetics. <3

  4. Ohh, hooray! I'm very happy for you Kara. I know this writing journey has been long for you so far and I'm glad that your dreams are able to keep going forward. Being a writer is one of the best things ever. ;)
    I'm currently listening to an audio book of Screwtape Letters (audio books are a lifesaver when you want to get reading done but don't have much time for it) and it is so interesting. I'm really looking forward to seeing how your new book turns out.

    Blessings always!

    1. Oh yay you're reading The Screwtape Letters?! That is amazing -- please tell me what you think of it when you've completed it! I thought it was very interesting how C.S Lewis allows you to think about temptation in new ways. <3


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