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Lady Selene has the secret gift of dream walking where she can enter other's dreams and create their biggest fears, ultimately taking lives. For years, her family's gift has been kept secret, but her dilemma comes when she is tasked with killing the man who can bring peace.
Which path will Selene choose?

I am always wary when it comes to fantasy novels because I'm for one, very picky about the fantasy that I read. I prefer a Lord of the Rings feel, with enough realism to our world that you can almost believe the world exists but with enough fantasy that you feel you're actually reading the genre.
But needless to say I could see the cover was gorgeous and I can't pass up a book that shows a woman wielding not only a powerful gift but two awesome looking swords.
The Mark of the Raven is definitely one of my new favorites in the fantasy genre that I've tried in a long while. The storytelling voice is both medieval and modern  without too much of a contemporary voice to draw me out of the story.
Selene is a believable character, strong (and kick your you know what), while still not being about too much girl power. However, the ending was a slight disappoint, wrapping up too quickly so as for me not to get to know the new characters I should have felt for. This was sad for me because otherwise this would have been a wonderful Christian fantasy book in the making in all areas -- and in many ways, still is.
Other than this, I was pleasantly surprised with this new release. I was both drawn in and found the plot and world of Selene believable.
I mean the cover is gorgeous and the fantasy is well written -- perfect for a book nerd like myself.

Thank you for Bethany for this free book in exchange for a post of honest opinions!   

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  1. I got this book as well, it's really good so far! Great review. <3 <3

  2. what a awesome title! At first the title made me think of The Mark of The Beast though, because of the name. But anyways maybe i'll check it out but it sure as devil's fire has a awesome name!


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