2018 all wrapped up

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Hola readers!
I can't believe 2018 is coming to a close. I look over what has happened this year and I am seriously, seriously, mind blown. So much has happen in such a short amount of time. I've done so much, met so many people...all that God has done this year has molded and shaped me from a completely different person to who I was just a short whole ago.
2018 has been crazy...

I got to go on stage for a 'dance party' with Ashes Remain. Epic.
I flew down to see one of my bestie's ALONE on my FIRST flight. To say I was terrified is probably an understatement. When I looked down at my phone after we'd taken off, my phone was covered in sweat from my palms.
It was worth it.
I love flying, I love adventure, and getting to see my friend since 7th grade -- where she lives, where she grew up, was such fun.

I attended a For King and Country concert courtesy of volunteering with Compassion International. A summer highlight for sure!

I also...
worked all summer with kids in my community
learned to bake decently well
celebrated turning 20
started working at Panera
got addicted to Kombucha
began instgramming more
bought my first phone case AND 
bought my first car
started inking myself with inkbox
celebrated NeedToBreath's new CD release
threw a party with the fam for my grandparents
did the Whole30 diet and fell in love with it (sad to say, I haven't stuck by it)
sent The Broken Prince to publishing companies, got it professionally edited and resent it (I'll learn something by Jan 20th!!!)

Top Songs of 2018 for me (according to Spotify)

  • My Feet Are On The Rock from I am They
  • Do It Again from Elevation Worship
  • Turn the Music Up NF
  • Bridges Burn from NeedtoBreath
  • Cumbia from Gawvi
  • Unstoppable from Koryn Hawthorne
  • Us from James Bay
  • Darling from NeedtoBreath
  • Remember This from NF
  • Still Alive from Red
  • You're Going to Rise from Manafest
  • Roaring 20s from Panic at the Disco 
Also I'm kinda addicted to We Three's Lifelife and Michael Ketterer did a pretty incredible version of Us

Top Reads:
  • The Return from Lacey Sturm
  • Honeysuckle Dreams from Denise Hunter
  • Any of the new Robin Jones Gunn books from 2018 
  • Les Mis
  • The Blood Race from K.A Emmons 
  • If I Live from Terri Blackstock  
  • Good News For a Change from Matt Mikalatos 
Top Movies and TV:

I actually didn't view much TV or movies this year that were that new or that great. America's Got Talent had some pretty epic moments though, and the movie Christopher Robin was plain cuteness. I rewatched The Last Jedi on DVD because it was super good, and I found some old classics like Pillow Talk (1959) that was ADORABLE. Rock Hudson is pretty swoon worthy if you ask me...which you're not but I'm going to tell you anyway.

Some of my favorite posts I wrote...

burnt out

look beyond what you see

if i could tell you

an open letter to the people in my life who feel like it's too late

All in all, it's been a good year.
A hard year, but a good year. I've changed. I'm no longer a teenager. I've gone through a lot of ups and downs and pretty insane moments. But it's been a beautiful ride and I'm super thrilled for a new chapter as 2019 becomes a reality. 

Let's talk 2018! Tell me your faves!!!

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16 of your thoughts

  1. I LOVE wrapup posts so much!! It certainly looks like you've done a lot this year: here's to 2019! Happy New Year, Kara!

    1. YES! SO much has happened in these last months, really in 2018 in general. Happy new year Hanne!

  2. girlll i read the If i Live series this month and it was amaaziingg!!!!! ahh xD the concerts you want to look awesome. cheers to 2019!!

    1. YES YES! If I Run series was amazing!!! I'm glad we agree. ;)

  3. Beautiful wrap up post! Happy 2019!! <3

  4. well, for me: I've had the best year in a long time I've passed classes I thought I was going to fail and ones others, including my most supportive teacher, was unsure i'd pass. The grade's weren't all that good but the passing in itself is a miracle. In the summer I got to see a really good run who had an online account in real life, I wrecked my Yamaha and had it repaired, had a good thanksgiving, did a LOT of races with the running group I run with, Struggled with school anxiety, Helped someone special and still helping her fight a boat load of issues, took up volunteer work as a Crisis Councilor, had then lost a job due to being discriminated, MAY have another possible job, which would be at the store I have done charity work at for going on 3 years comes March, Got my first gun, and had fun in the snow this december with my sis, have ALMOST memorized the exact total price for my favorite dessert at a local restaurant, Have memorized the price of a x2 shot expresso at the local coffee shop. I've learned it is OK to let go of things at times, if they are dragging you down, and what recovery is like, I added Nellie to my rather large American Girl doll family, and my desk has become one of the most important parts of my life. Learned to trust God more. Overall, I learned a lot and a lot of small things happened that were awesome.

  5. Oh yes, I am also now the house cook. :)

    1. WOW so much went on in your 2018! Here's to an awesome new year!!

  6. happy new year! Im glad you had a great year. it sounds like it was full of adventures and firsts! I love it. I also like your taste in entertainment. we watched a lot of the same movies and read the same books and listened to some of the same artists. (Nf. lol. I love that guy.)

    I hope 2019 is even better :)

    1. Oh how awesome! NF is really good -- I got a cd of his for Christmas and it will now be a regular jam in my car. Happy new year Faith!!!

  7. People I swear! The first person who tells her about Rock Hudson - I will hunt you down! Shhhh!

  8. LOVE that you've had such a wonderful 2018! All the photos are so cool and it looks like you had a blast at the concerts. I definitely need to give Needtobreathe's new CD another listen because there are some solid songs on there. My 2018 was difficult but blessed, and I couldn't be more excited for the new year. Here's to a lovely 2019!! :) <3

    1. Needtobreath is amazing -- highly recommend another listen!!!!! I pray you have a blessed 2019!!!!

  9. Hi Kara! I just saw this blog post. ::)

    I agree with you-such amazing God-things have I seen this year that I have never seen before in my life. I met amazing new people and experienced God in ways that I have never before. This has been the BEST year of my life!

    Love you sis!



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