Beautifully Broken Christmas Party | Day One |

7:37 AM

Hola readers!
Merry a few weeks before Christmas!!!!!!
I am pumped to get this thing under way. I'm hoping to film a vlog in the next couple of days when I'm off work, so we'll see how that goes.
BUT today we're kicking off my Christmas Party with a pretty big giveaway. I'm super excited to announce that one winner will receive........

Author Bio:
ALEIGHA C. ISRAEL writer of inspirational fiction and poetry is an author of multiple books and enjoys sharing God's love through the powerful art of storytelling. Her novels are distributed by Grace and Truth Books.
A hardcover copy of A Higher Ransom from Aleigha C. Israel. I've talked to Aleigha briefly on facebook (as well as stalked her socials) and she's such a sweet human. I'm super jealous that one of you guys will get to read her novel!!!!

One Pollyanna candle from Book Burn Candles that smells of orange, frankincense and peppermint essential oils. Hailey creates soy candles inspired by literature. What could be better?!
 I'm kinda fanning over her Christmas Carol one...

Hand drawn notecards from my sister (and artist) Korin. They're adventure themed and I have my own little collection. I could fan over them but people may call me biased. ;) 

This package is the first of two big packages in my giveaway and is not for international readers (I'm truly sorry). This is just US only but I have a few things for my international readers to get a chance at later this month.
But anyway, first off, a big thank-you to each of the lovely humans willing to give away something here on Beautifully Broken -- and not finding me overly creepy when I randomly messaged you. I'm grateful for each one of you readers too, which is why I'm hosting this party. If I can't invite you all over for fudge and hot chocolate and a movie marathon of classic Hallmark movies (because I really don't enjoy the new ones), a virtual party is second best. 
To enter do two or more of the following and let me know what you did in the comments below (each thing is worth one point). 

And seriously people, check these lovely humans out, these people who were like, "sure I'll participate in your giveaway." This giveaway is honestly made possible because of them and them being willing to share with you the stuff they enjoy doing. Give them a follow, thank them for doing the giveaway, check out their websites and socials. Really take the time to spread the love this Christmas with these creatives. I'm going to have their links up on my sidebar for the month of December so be sure and check them out!

SOO details of the giveaway summed up:

1. Giveaway ends: December 25th

2. When you enter, comment your actions in the comments below (and provide me with your e-mail in case you win). OR use the handy dandy google survey thingy provided below to enter instead of commenting. I made the survey for those who don't want to give me their info for the world to see (as they would be in the comments) -- just make sure you tell me which giveaway you're entering.

3. Remember, this is for USA humans only (sorry about that!)

4. You must do two or more of the following.

5. Each action is worth one point. 

  • Follow Aleigha on Twitter, or on her Instagram accounts here and here (each one you follow is one point!
  • Check Aleigha out on Facebook (and if you have an account give it a like ) 
  • Follow Korin on her blog here where she posts regularly about bookish stuff
  • Follow Korin on Pinterest @korinartist 
  • Follow Hailey on Instagram or youtube. If you check out her candle Instagram (here), comment below with your favorite candle of her's!!
  • Check out Hailey on on website here and maybe leave her a comment (or two)
  • Pin about my giveaway on Pinterest using the photo at the top of this post or post it to your story on IG 
  • And for a little randomness...what is your favorite holiday scent that makes you all nostalgic and why? 

So go enter, good luck, and have a wonderful rest of your week readers!

Happy CHRISTmas!

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  1. so fun!! i followed her channel and checked out the links and pinned it!! <33

  2. Looks like an awesome giveaway! I'm looking forward to the other exciting things you have planned too! xx

    1. Same! I feel bad because I was thinking of you when I said no international -- there's one giveaway I know you can enter for sure though. XOXOX

  3. This is super cool! Just entered!

  4. These giveaways are brilliant! You're amazing, Kara! Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful things. Merry Christmas!


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