Christmas Surprise R E V E A L E D

7:12 AM

Hola readers!

I've been keeping this secret from you readers for a couple weeks and I was going to wait but I'm too pumped. I love Christmas and I like surprises so why not combine them?!
I am super duper excited to announce......
*drum roll*

A Christmas Countdown Party on Beautifully Broken!!!!!!
I am thrilled to announce also that some of my Instagram, author, and blogger friends, are contributing some really sweet giveaway items (lots of bookish stuff) and I may try to do a vlog or two because I love vlogging but have to always set time aside to do it. So with fun things to win, a couple vlogs (hopefully!) sprinkled throughout as well as my regular posts throughout the weeks until December 25th....
It's going to be a pretty full month for Beautifully Broken.
I think I'm going to kick this thing off possibly this next Tuesday as soon as I can get everyone's info together. I hope you're excited as I am! This is just a small way to thank you as readers for following along on my blog (I have over 120 followers!) these last six and a half years. It's been a crazy ride and I love each of you very much. You are taking part in life journey with me, encouraging me and making me think with your wonderful comments.
I really hope you enjoy this party as much as I'm enjoying putting it together!

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11 of your thoughts

  1. Wow! I would have never guessed!- Jose

  2. And you won't even let us enter. - June

  3. This is so fun! :) I love the vlog idea. You should totally do a vlog! Excited for what December holds for you blog. :)

    1. I really want to do a vlog -- the next time I'm off from work (I've been working almost every day), I'm totally going for it. <3

  4. I'm excited to see what you'll be doing! xx


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