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7:36 AM

Hola readers!

I'm super excited to announce ANOTHER giveaway here on my blog. THREE giveaways and they can be entered by international readers.
What could be better?
Shall we begin?

One winner will receive.....

Two e-books from the author Abigayle Claire -Andora's Folly as well as Martin Hospitality 

And the second and third winners will receive...

A free chapter edit from Abigayle Claire
and a ten page critique from author Taylor Bennett.

Um, these three things are pretty sweet because I'm been edited by the lovely Abigayle and I know it was a joy having her go over my novel with me. I'm also really jealous that one of you guys will get BOTH her e-books because I know they both have rave reviews on amazon.
As for the ten page critique from Taylor Bennett, Taylor published her first book semi-recently, which is titled Porch Swing Girl. It's also done pretty well for itself (it's on my tbr list!), and I was super happy when she offered one of you a ten page critique.

To clarify.
You can enter to win either one of each of the three things I have listed here.

1. Two e-books from Abigayle Claire.
2. A chapter edit from Abigayle
3. A ten page critique from Taylor Bennett

Enter by Christmas.

So if you're a writer or a book nerd....
this giveaway is for you.
And BOTH are open to international humans (so outside of the US).

TO ENTER do two or more of the following (and let me know if you're entering one or all of the prizes)

  • Follow Abigayle on her blog here
  • Check out Abigayle's website here
  • Check out her socials @abitheauthor and give her a follow 
  • Follow Taylor on Pinterest, like her on facebook, watch one of her videos on youtube find her on Goodreads, check out her twitter, and/or give her a follow on her intsta page. Whoo....this girl get's around. ;) 
  • Enter my other giveaway here
AND as before, each follow, each website check-out, is worth one point and you can enter in the comments below OR using my google form -- just let me know which giveaway you are entering. 

Good luck!

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  1. Yay! I follow Abi, and I checked out her website. I'm entering for the first option - unfortunately I don't have any work to edit so the other options wouldn't work for me. I have been wanting to read the books for a while now though, so this is exciting! :)


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