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Hola readers!
Um, this is probably the most anticipated book for me since the last If I Run book from Terri Blackstock a few months back. So let us jump right in to the review, shall we?

Pastor Jack counseled Daisy as her spiritual leader, as her pastor, as her friend. But the shy pastor isn't just her pastor -- he's desperately in love with her and she's clueless.
Daisy is looking for love and has tried what feels like thousands of dates, but no one is working...until she meet's TJ on an online dating app.
But what she doesn't know, is that TJ is actually her Pastor Jack...who ended up on the app when some friends decided to 'help him out.'
Jack could kill his friend Noah...at first...until Daisy begins to show "TJ" some interest through their online conversations. The tricky part is, she still sees Jack as just Jack, and TJ as something more. How is he ever going to confess, and in doing so, would he break his second chance at love?

This is like You've Got Mail but the Christian inspiration fiction version. Ummm....yes please!!! And one about a pastor (because that like, never happens)?! Double yes!

Denise Hunter never ceases to give us fresh characters (or gorgeous covers), and this book will be a new favorite for fans of her's. Shy pastor Jack and spunky Daisy looking for love. I was thrown into the book immediately as they both try a chance at love while both feel lacking confidence in the realm of love.
Plot twists keep the book at a good pace, and the characters grow and develop wonderfully.
I grew up as a young teenager reading Denise Hunter and now as a twenty year old, I appreciate her books even more. They carry insight about life, approach (at times) messy topics in a meaningful way, and never disappoint us with romantic first kisses.
Highly recommend!

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