My Turn to Give Something Away + G I V E A W A Y

7:12 AM

Hola readers and Merry-a-week-and-a-half-before-Christmas!!!!!

I'm wrapping up the Christmas party sadly.

I wanted to make it last and have more cute posts with cute pictures and vlogs and fun things but I'm so busy with work and life and it's been so crazy. I really wanted to. 
But a few weeks ago when I was having a mini nuclear meltdown and freaking out because I feel I don't have time to do EVERYTHING I want to do before Christmas I felt God whisper, like He normally does when I don't want to listen, when I need to listen, when I need Him most but almost ignore

You can't do everything. Do what you can but don't do everything. That's not what this season is about. 

I can't do everything, readers. I just can't. I had plans back in November to make mint fudge for all my family and friends, do a month long blog party (with vlogs - not 'vlog'), decorate my room really cute, bake cookies at night when I got home from work with my sisters while playing lots of my man Frank Sinatra (I'm kinda obsessed with I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm), and still work five days a week and send out my book proposal. 
But I'm only one human. 
Like I jokingly told a customer at work, "it would be nice to have more than two arms to do all that I need to get done." 
But I can't do everything. 
I just can't. 
The Christmas season isn't a time to show off what you can's a time to do what you can to show love to those in your life. 
I can't do everything. 
I can try. 
And I really have. 
But it's a week and a few days until Christmas and I can't. I just can't. Mentally I will become overwhelmed and exhausted by what I want to accomplish for others and for myself. I can't possibly do it all and neither can you. 
We're all human and that's all we're ever be (for now). Ambition this time of year is nice. It's nice to do things for others. I encourage you to take time out of your life to focus on more than making money and working...
yet when it all boils down to it, we can't do everything. We do what we can, and with that I think God wants us to be satisfied. 

*Deep breath*
As I wrap up this way too short party, I want to send you home with my own little contribution to the party as well as a beautiful bonus from the brilliant Gracie. 


One winner will get a copy of The Mystery from Lacey Sturm and a piece of original galaxy art work from Gracie over at Gracie's Art Wall on Instagram. I'm a HUGE galaxy art fan and was like super thrilled when Gracie offered a piece of her artwork for the giveaway. 

As for the book, that's my contribution because this book has changed my life honestly. I was going through a very dark time when I stumbled upon Lacey Sturm's music and writings. She honestly has inspired me and is one of my top role models for life. I would encourage anyone to read her book because her insights and words hold so much meaning and her own true story is so powerful. 
I'm really excited to put this book in one of you guy's hands. And after you read it feel free to message me (or e-mail) and we can talk together about the book. Literally nothing would make me happier!

I know I keep saying so. 
To enter do two or more of the following....

  • Follow the beautiful Miss Gracie on Instagram over @graciesartwall 
  • Follow me on one of my socials (Instagram @kara_lynn_author, Pinterest Kara_Lynn_Author, Facebook beautifully.broken.writer 
  • Tell me what your favorite piece of Gracie's art is on IG 
  • Tell me what book has impacted your life and if you've ever read Lacey Sturm 
  • Enter any of my other giveaways throughout this party here and here
  • Pin the graphic on Pinterest or put it up on your IG story (both would literally make me so happy)
Enter using the google forum or by commenting before Christmas! 

Thanks so much to each one of you. 
I know I said that before in my vlog and so many times but thank you thank you thank you. Thank you for supporting me, for liking what I write (or at least pretending to) and putting up with me. Here's to many more writing years ahead and thank you bunches for being part of my party.

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3 of your thoughts

  1. Uuugh! I saw the headline, the picture below it and thought YOU'RE GIVING AWAY KORIN?!! I was mentally planning for her arrival (where I'd put her, how she'd earn her keep, etc etc) before I read enough to realize you'd gone and gotten my hopes up for naught. FOR SHAME, Kara!

    I think you owe me (and every one else here) a consolation prize. I'd like you to be kind to yourself. Holidays are terribly stressful. Take time out to do NOTHING. Just be. Sometimes that's the most important thing you can for others as well as yourself.

    Remember what the professor said. Oh, and Korin would have loved the little room under the stairs.

  2. I followed you on pinterest and instagram and pinned the picture.

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

  3. I hear you about the busyness before Christmas! I'd planned to do Blogmas (blogposts everyday in December), but I only have . . . 4 posts up so far. And it's the 21st! So.

    (Also! I didn't realize what "what day are you entering on" meant, but the one where I entered 12/21 was for this one!)

    Merry Christmas!


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