sometimes life isn't planned

6:56 AM

Sometimes, most of the time, the things that happen in life aren't planned.

This is happening to me, right now.
I'm really struggling this week, readers, let me be brutally honest. My body feels dead and my emotions feel shot. I'm exhausted but I have to be alert for work. I'm drained but I have to keep going.
A customer pulled me aside the other day and told me, "you're always smiling. Look at you -- I never see you not smiling. You do your job so well. You deserve a raise."
I smiled at him and thanked him because his comment made me happy.
But inside I couldn't help but wonder how many other people look at me and see the smiling girl without a care in the world when in reality nothing could be further from the truth.
I call myself the girl who can look like she's doing well when she's really not.
I'm good at hiding.
I'm good at smiling when inside my heart is breaking.
But then....
then God reminded me of something.
When I'm smiling even when life is falling apart...that's something God has given me the power to do...the power to keep moving, the power to hope that one day things will get better, the power to be happy even though life isn't planned.
That smile?
I have the power to keep smiling because of the hope Jesus brought me, beginning day one when he was born in a manger.
Smiling even though your world is falling apart, isn't always bad.
Not being honest
that's bad.
Not letting people know you need help.
That's bad.
What's good is smiling even in the tears, smiling even though your world is falling apart, and saying, "even in the pain, it is well."
Because I know Who has gone before me.
Life isn't planned.
It never is.
For the girl who loves plans, recently I've had to let go of a lot.
But I'm going to be honest (and smile if I can), because Jesus walks ahead and behind.

Life isn't planned.
It never is.
But I'm going to keep smiling even in the tears.
Because He is enough to see me through.

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8 of your thoughts

  1. Dude, YES! This perspective is so great. I love that you keep smiling through it all and that people recognize that in you and that you cheer them up and make their day bright. Seriously awesome! It can be hard to "keep on keeping on" when you're confused or tired and I've definitely had days at work recently where I #JustCan't. But major kudos to you for relying on the Lord. He gets us through!

    1. Aw love your encouragement -- means a lot to me!!!!!! Yes, the Lord get's us through. Without Him, I can't see me getting anywhere. <3

  2. Am I your favorite person? 'Bet you ask yourself "what will Ray say about this?" hmmm ... Well, take head of my words.

    There's a modern expression "It gets better". That's true. And you're father's father knew the phrase "This too shall pass". You may be going through a difficult season in your life, but every new day is a new chance and a new beginning.

    Just breathe. Don't panic. Don't give up. Trust me when I say that the worst problem you face now will one day seem trivial. You just have to persevere. You CAN do it.

    1. Thank you Ray for your encouragement -- I know it will get better. Life happens. Have a great week!

  3. I loveee your new blog look!!! so pretty! <3 loved true xx

    1. Oh thank you! I wanted a Christmasy/winter look and I hope I accomplished that. Have a blessed week, girl!

  4. Uugh. I misspelled "heed". Forget that, but remember what the professor said. "Help is always given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it". If someone can't help, there's no shame on you for asking. If they can and won't, the shame is on them.

  5. Your articles are always down to earth. God provides. You ain't the only one who has times when you smile and hide what's inside but keep going on anyways. We all deal with this at times like the one you described , but there's a reason why things don't work. Sometimes, quite often, we just don't know it. But that's almost the beauty in it, ain't it?


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