A [working] Day With Kara

7:56 AM

Hola readers! 
You asked to see what my life is like, and I decided to break the post into a sort of series throughout 2019. My days differ to whether I work, whether I choose to write all day, or whether I'm just home chilling, so honestly I can't wrap up a general day in one post. 
So why not do a working day in the life of Kara? I don't know why my life interests you, my brother told me I lead a boring life (thanks!), but you asked for it so here it goes...

Tuesday according to working Kara...

5:55 AM
I always wake up on a work day no later than six since I normally start work at eight, and I ALWAYS begin a day with my Bible and coffee (black). I really can't begin a day without talking to Jesus. I just can't. He changes my perspective about life and myself and allows me to get through life.

Around 6:20 

My basic make-up essentials. This is all I use on a work day. Ever.

I check my e-mail, check for blog comments, maybe comment on a blog or two. I don't spend more than ten minutes. Only forty five minutes until I leave for work!

A muffin for breakfast (because I'm healthy ;).

Still tired, not ready to smile, but ready to hit the road.

Korin drives to work. She always does. I'll drive home. It's a little icy this morning so we left a little earlier to go slow.

8:45 AM
Apparently we have a new coworker sitting outside Panera...

I change this coffee pots quite a bit when I work early mornings -- probably at least twenty times you'll find me lugging these bad dudes.

10:00 AM

A little lunch with a blueberry bagel and sharing a bit of a frozen mocha with my sister. I hurriedly eat on my thirty minute break.

And I brought a box lunch too...people find this adorable, I feel like I'm in grade school.

4:10 PM

Clocking out at about 37 work hours in a work week. Killing it, people. I'm not allowed my phone during work and I was too busy to get any pictures. I had a good day. I bused tables and did dishes. I was tired all day for some reason and that expresso shot didn't help but oh well. I didn't do anything too memorable. I talked to some regulars, they asked about my coworker who's off work for four months due to surgery (I worked his shift so they noticed the change). I noticed the change too. Isn't funny how some people just make a place and when they're gone temporarily, that place isn't the same?

6:00 PM

I come home and eat supper, do some devotions with the fam, shower, and then I write a book review while jamming to some NF. Then youtube distracts me for a little bit...

7:00 PM

The family sits down for some Merlin BBC around seven. We try to watch an episode at least twice a week together. It's something we connect on, and a little re watching was in order this winter. Season three is killing us though...

8:00 PM 

I eat some crushed pineapple and drink my raspberry tea after Merlin. Then I brush my teeth and climb into my upper bunk with Annabel Lee. I'm really tired but I stay away until 8:40 (long enough to see if who Annabel Lee is.

Then I fall asleep and a working day with Kara is over.

Side note: I was going to talk about time management in this post since people have asked me but that shall have to wait for another day.

Question: What did you think of my day? I tried to be as real as what my day looks like as possible, and it was interesting actually to see my day in this collage of photos. Each person's day looks so different, and to see mine play out was interesting.
Would you be interested to see more days in my life as 2019 comes to play?

Have a lovely week readers!

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11 of your thoughts

  1. There's a quiet heroism here. It isn't an easy day. Even if your pay all goes in your pocket, you're nonetheless helping with family expenses. Well done, Kara.

    Tim Keller, huh? Interesting ... and surprising.

    Thanks for this. I understand you considerably better than I had before. Be careful on those icy roads. And for pity sake EAT SOME PROTEIN!

    1. Thank you Ray! As for the protein, I eat quite a bit. About twice a day when my blood sugar runs low I eat some protein bars and on the way to work I normally drink a protein drink.
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. sounds like you have a interesting life. The snow wherver you are and ice looks rather dangerous to drive round. Those barrels of coffee are rather impressive honestly, having to drag those things around. Reading the Bible, something that I need to do more of. NF is the "clean" rapper who was inspired by Eminem, right?

    1. Thanks Evan! NF was inspired by Eminem yes. =) I listen to some rap music and NF has really spoken to me!

  3. I love how you had the times and pictures and everything!!

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

  4. I love this! It's so fun to get insight into what everyone's daily routine is like. :) Loved the pics and now I'm inspired to get up even earlier before work to spend time with the Lord and maybe writing a little. I would love to see more posts like this! <3

    1. Thank you, Erin! I love seeing insight into people's lives as well. It's like a peek in the window. XOXO

  5. Kara, you're amazing! Thanks for taking us along with you on your day. It was so fun catching a glimpse of your daily life. The pictures added a delightful touch. :) Lovely post!
    Love ~ S.F.


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