it's okay not to be a warrior

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"I like kick-a** girls," a girl told me. "She really knows what she's doing."

But what if she doesn't? What if it's all a front...what if deep down she doesn't know what in the world she's doing here?

Another girl told me, "I don't have time for a relationship -- I have too many jobs. A boyfriend will just have to wait."

But what if he doesn't?

One time I knew a lady who was dying. Her last words were everything she regretted. "I worked too much. I didn't have time for lasting relationships or kids or galfriends. I'm dying and I have no one. It all went to being a hard worker...and for what? This house I'm living in means nothing now."

What if we lived in a world that didn't glorify that die-hard, kick you know what humans? What it being strong, meant breaking? What if parenting was a beautiful thing? What if lasting relationships meant something? What if not having all the answers wasn't always a bad thing? What if how much money you made didn't define you as successful or no? What if what kind of car you drove or the clothes you wore didn't mean a thing?

What if a warrior was someone who stood up for justice, put other's before themselves, put family first...what if being a warrior meant laughing at the darkness...not hiding from it. What if being a warrior meant being real, admitting  that we could break...

What if there no was shame in being weak...and strong? What if being strong meant letting go? What if being strong wasn't getting a masters degree and making thousands... or millions? What if we could be okay without big houses and lots of stuff crowding our living spaces?

What if being a strong person, a person to admire and raise up on a platform...what if they weren't always the ones who had the most physically?

a brave or experienced soldier or fighter.

The strongest people I know are the ones who put other's before themselves, who don't find happiness in the green. The strongest people I know find time for other's, who are beautiful because of their pain...not despite it.
The strongest people I know are okay in their brokenness because their brokenness makes them who they are yet does not define them. The strongest people I know admit when they are wrong, are not going into the world expecting not just to work, but work hard at whatever they do regardless of what they get out of it.
The strongest people I know don't look down on the seemingly meaningless jobs...because no job is without meaning. The strongest people I know are the ones experienced in fighting for what really matters.

It's okay if you're not a warrior in the world's eyes.
The world doesn't know a true warrior.

Sometimes the true warriors aren't loud. They're the silent people crying themselves to sleep at night. They're the mom or dad raising their kids alone. They're the eighty year old grandma raising her great grandchildren because no one else will. They are the teenage boy busing tables to make money for his family. They are the military giving their life on the line for those they love. They're the kids in the schools who stand up for bullying. They're the teenagers with acne and awkwardness who go with confidence anyway.
I believe warriors don't fit one mold.
I believe that sometimes it's okay to not be the world's warrior.

The world already has a Savior and the world rejects what's to say they won't reject You if they reject the One who saved their life?

He says that when we are strongest in our weakness. He says that the darkness has no hold. He says their is beauty in our pain. He says all things work out for His glory.
That's a real warrior.
And that's the kind of warrior rejected today.
If He would have walked the earth today He would be on the streets with the prostitutes and druggies and crack heads. He would be in the allies hanging and chatting. He would be with the people no one wanted, with the kids without dads, with the people with no direction.
He would be with the dirty and the shamed and the suicidal. He would be with the ones no one understands...the ones who are depressed for no reason...he would be with the ones who feel that what they do will fulfill them. He would be hanging with them...
And objects and money and what He owned...He did not let that define Him. He did not let that make Him or break Him. He did not let his status define Him.

And if we follow His lead, in the end, we are warriors...maybe rejected warriors, but warriors all the same.

He is the example of the quiet warrior...a warrior the world wouldn't see and still chooses to ignore...but that's okay because He didn't come to make the scene. He came with a purpose and what they defined as a warrior, as a conqueror, as a person who "made it..." That couldn't stop Him from taking the world and loving it anyway, of saving it....of saying to it, "I still am willing to die for you."
And neither does the true warriors that walk this world today.

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  1. I don't know completly what to say. This was more than really well written but extremely encouraging. At the end of the day, jesus is the ultimate warrior. Too many people tend to look at someone based on what they seem to be, wether it is mental health, $, relationships, and essentially seeming to be flawless. Heck, we all have a lot of flaws and are broken pieces. Was in a bad position last night. Will try to keep something like this in mind if I get in a bad position like last night again. Once again, GOOD JOB and this was really well put and I am running out fo words. :)

  2. Wow, great post, Kara.
    I think we often try to measure ourselves with the world's standards. But if we're in Christ then that doesn't apply to us. 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 talks about how when we are weak we are strong for Christ's power is perfected in our weakness. Our strength isn't our own, it's His strength through us. That means it's okay to be weak. It's okay to be broken. We're like molds of clay for Him to mold.

    1. Aw wow that's super encouraging! Thanks so much for this!

  3. This is so beautiful! Your posts are so hard hitting that I am always left not knowing what to type, sorry. Just know that this was amazing. <33

    1. YOU are amazing, girl!!!!!! Thank you. *Hugs*


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