new year, new posts |aka HELP|

6:37 AM

Hola readers!
Recently I've been thinking about spicing up the blog a bit. I talk all the time about stuff I want to hear, about topics that are important to me, books that matter to me...but what matters to you? What do you want me to post about in 2019?
Here's what I'm asking: In this new year I want to blog at least once a week, and vlog at least once a month. Vlogging use to take forever for me but I'm making initiative now that my trusty cell phone actually uploaded my last vlog in under ten minutes (mind blown, right there!!!).
BUTTT now I want ideas for what to vlog, what to post about -- really what I can rant and ramble on about here on Beautifully Broken sometime in this new year. Please readers, throw out your topics, questions (they can literally be anything -- just asking me something makes me happy), and post and/or vlogging ideas.
I not only want to talk about stuff that mean something to me, but talk about stuff that mean something to you as well.
Please hit me up with what you want to chat about with me in 2019.

Happy first full week in January, readers!

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4 of your thoughts

  1. I'd love to see more lifestyle type things from you! So maybe like a day in my life vlog?? or maybe a week in my life? It'd also be fun to see some tags from you, such as the My Life in Books tag, or something like that!

    Happy new year!!!

  2. Here's a few ideas.
    1 - Document a day in your life. What you did. What you thought about. Include pictures. Don't cherry pick. Don't choose a good or "representative" day.
    2 - Discuss how your faith affects your views on current events. This may take some courage (as does my first suggestion). After all, your readers are, for the most part, home-schooled girls who believe everything daddy says ... and daddy believes everything Fox says.
    3 - Plan your next ten years. I know this will be hard. I'm challenging you. The future may be something you dread. But if you make a plan, even a wildly optimistic one, the outcome will be BETTER. Give me a chance to convince you of that.

  3. How about your favorite writing tips or more insight into your writing process? I also second the ideas above with "a day in the life" type features or lifestyle insights. Commentary on things that are going on in pop culture or the news or stuff like that could also be timely. Or details into your creative process. Hope these ideas help! :)


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