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Hola readers!

First off, for those wondering why a Nascar book has showed up in your feed, it's simple: My grandfather is a major Nascar (and car in general), fan. When I saw this book on Booklook up for grabs, I knew I'd found him some winter reading. I know virtually nothing about Nascar -- literally nothing except that Papaw loved Dale Earnhardt and spent a great deal of time cheering him on.
What was there to do but get the book and read and review it and pass it on to him?
For the clueless souls like me, here's the backcover copy:

Racecar driver Earnhardt was at the top of his game---until a minor crash resulted in a concussion that would eventually end his 18-year career. Sharing the inside track on his life and work, he reflects on NASCAR, the loss of his dad, and his future as a broadcaster, businessperson, and family man. 203 pages, hardcover from Nelson.

As for my thoughts on the book...honestly I didn't know what to think because again, I'm not a Nascar fan. However, I'm always up for a little nonfiction reading. Dale speaks a lot about the recent years and his recent injuries as well as his time on the track. There's not a lot of deep stuff going on here, but for anyone who knows more than I do, that should be okay. 
Dale is open and honest about the fears and struggles of his injuries -- things he tried to hide while racing. There's photos included showing his growing up years as well as recent photos (one of his family). He's personal while (like I said), not overly deep. I was honestly bored, but I got this book for Papaw and as of now, I know he really enjoyed it. 
He's not a reader but sat down for a couple hours and read the book one day after I'd given it to him. He said that a lot of the facts Dale talks about are unknown up until the point of reading the book, and he really enjoyed it. 
For racing fans, I'm sure this is a must-book. 
For not fans?
Not so much. 
However, I'm glad Papaw enjoyed his book and I'm glad to have gone through the boring book to give it to him haha. If you read this review, comment below: I want to thank you for going through the whole thing (I'm bored just writing it ;). But again, for fans of Nascar and for people like Papaw, you need to read this book! 

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  1. this is awesome. haha. I grew up a huge NASCAR fan. Especially of the Earnhearts, although I was more of a Mark Martin fan myself.

    your grandfather would be pleased to know my sister is named after Dale Earnheart Sr. although we spell her name Dayle.
    (my brother, Gordon, is also named after the driver Jeff Gordon.)

    so dont worry, I get you :)

    great review!


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