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Many of you have asked for character interviews from my upcoming book The Broken Prince. Today I am happy to introduce you to my side-character Elston. He is one of my favorites and writing him made me smile. He's the kind of friend everyone should have in their life. He may be a big flirt, but deep down he has a lot of wisdom to share and he has a wonderful heart.

Name: Elston
Age: Twenty summers

His life's song:

  If he had his own TV show the theme song would be... this one here from Robin Hood BBC

Hello Elston. This is interesting -- talking to one of my favorite guys in The Broken Prince. You're a side-character but you think you're the main character, don't you?

Elston: You better believe it! *Winks*

So why don't you share a little bit about yourself to my readers who virtually know nothing about you?

Elston: I don't like to give too many details about myself (we are living in dangerous times over here in Sindaleer). I have the Marks, which means I'm a Gifted...which means I was born with an unnatural gift the king considers a threat. I tell stories...I love stories, I can make them come alive. Spinning a good tale and seeing it come alive before your very eyes makes me feel on fire. There's nothing like following your passion.
But that's all you need to know about me and even that's too much information into my personal life.

Your Gift sounds interesting! How can telling stories possibly be a threat?

Elston: The written word can be very powerful if used correctly.

What does your life look like?

Elston: Again, I wish I could give more info but honestly us Marked have to learn to be tight lipped in order to stay alive. Your main character [Serena] could let you know all about that. if you could change something about the world, what would you change?

Elston: I would make a world where folk could live judged-free, where using your Gifts would not be a crime, where folk could be free to be themselves despite birth or what they could or could not do. I want to change the world...but hey, don't tell anyone. They think I'm here just to tell stories and be the wise-cracking side character that every book needs. ;)

One word to describe yourself, then?

Elston: Flirt.

Best friend?

Elston: My brother.

So what's it like hiding who you are? What was it like growing up in a dangerous country like Sindaleer?

Elston: Sindaleer use to be a place of freedom. It was far from perfect grant it, but when the now-king of our country raided and plundered and took us over, he took away our right to even think. He has turned the folk's mind against new ideas, against rebellion. When he came he killed our nobles and anyone of social standing. He made sure we knew who was in charge. That was before I was born and now the days before King Thayer is like a legend.
Folk live in fear now. That's why us who are Gifted live a life trying to hide who we are -- Gifteds are often accused and killed without a fair trial. The king likes to use us to make an example of what happens to folk who are stronger than him.

If you could be one person, who would you be?

Elston: The main character, but obviously that didn't happen (and we know who to blame for that, don't we?). So instead I guess I'll say I want to be the character everyone remembers. Isn't that what everyone wants? They just want to be remembered for doing something in the end, right?

You can read more about Elston in my upcoming novel The Broken Prince releasing to Amazon June third!

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  1. Ahhhh!! Yes!! Elston sounds so great! I love his gift of story telling!! Thank you so much for sharing, Kara! Can't wait to read more in June...

    1. AHH YESS I love your excitement! CAN'T WAITT FOR YOU TO READ MORE!!! XOXO

  2. Elston sounds so interesting! I can't wait to read your book!!

  3. Elston is so cool!! I love how he does stories - awesome. XD And he seems like the kind of character who’d want to be MC. ;)

    I can’t wait to read The Broken Prince!!!

    Danielle @ Snapper

    1. You make me happy Danielle. Thanks so much for commenting. *Hugs*


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