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Hola readers!
The Broken Prince is beginning to feel real about right now AND I'm looking for a street team. Basically I'm looking for some people to spend a small part of their life helping promote my book from about the end of March until June.
What would this look like?

  • You will have a chance to read my novel before anyone else in pdf form
  • You will have the chance to do a cover reveal 
  • Your review could possibly be featured in a trailer after the release of my book (this is in the works!)
  • I'll promote you on my social media and blog
  • You'll get e-mails weekly/bi-weekly with updates on how the publishing journey is coming along 
  • You'll get access to a live Q&A session on facebook that no one else will have access to following launch week in June
  • I will thank you in fake dark chocolate (because it would probs melt in the mail) and real-life thank-you cards
A blog isn't required. 
Social media isn't required. 
Basically if you have friends or a library you are all set. 
If you're busy I'm not asking to take up a lot of your time. You don't have to read my book to participate. I'm not asking you to spend even an hour a week with me...or even five minutes...In general, I just would love to have you! 

Please comment with your e-mail (I won't publish the comment if you add that in there), and I will send out the welcome e-mail sometime next week. I'm super excited to invite you on this publishing journey with me. You have meant a lot to me as a reader and I would love to have you!

Have a lovely weekend readers!

And on a random note, I'm kinda freaking excited that I have my own official URL -- have you noticed it?! 

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  1. A. Do I just talk to people about your book as promotion? How does that work exactly. Can you give specifications on what the heck i'd need to do. B. I LOVE THE NEW URL!!! It is awesome, and it sounds more professional than the Blogspot url.

    1. Hey Evan! Basically you would need some social media or a blog or at least an Amazon account to do a review. A street team helps the author by doing a review maybe or perhaps sharing the book on social media. =)


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